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PVC-Free Stickers for Plastic Free Axminster


PVC-Free Stickers for Plastic Free Axminster


Plastic Free Axminster

Plastic Free Axminster was formed in 2019, one of nearly 900 communities in the UK working towards Plastic Free status for their respective towns.

The groups work under the umbrella of the marine charity Surfers Against Sewage. Plastic Free Axminster has a Steering Group with nine members and many volunteers to help at events hosted over the year.

PVC-Free Self-Adhesive Stickers for Plastic Free Axminster 'Bin That Butt!' Campaign
PVC-Free Self-Adhesive Stickers for Plastic Free Axminster 'Bin That Butt!' Campaign
PVC-Free Self-Adhesive Stickers for Plastic Free Axminster 'Bin That Butt!' Campaign


PVC-Free Printing

Our client got in touch via our website contact form, looking for full colour A5 decals that would stick to glass and plastic bins located outdoors. The clue being the name of the client, we knew straight away these needed to be as eco-friendly as possible, so scoured our library of printable self-adhesives for a PVC-free, long-lasting option.

The PFA team had employed the services of a local Graphic Design University student to design the poster art for them. As the artwork was supplied in a RGB jpeg format, we first needed to convert this to CMYK and scale to A5 to keep the original colours, and make sure all details were going to be reproduced in immaculate high-resolution.

PVC-Free Self-Adhesive Stickers for Plastic Free Axminster 'Bin That Butt!' Campaign in the Creative Solutions October 2023 Email Newsletter


PVC-Free Printed Stickers With A Great Life Expectancy!

The world of printing is going through a mass overhaul at present to tackle the growing need for better, plastic free, eco-friendly options that allow consumers to grow their own carbon-neutral footprints, as well as embrace more recyclable products and encourage better spending habits.

We have recently expanded our range after hosting a mass of trials and print testing to put new PVC-free, eco-friendly substrates and rollable media through its paces, and can now offer to you a range of printable pvc-free self-adhesive vinyls for stickers, decals and graphics, signage materials like pvc-free aluminium composite material as well as short term POS and event displays in the form of outdoor graded Katz Board or Triaprint, or indoor Xanita Cardboard and fabric printing for exhibition graphics! The range also includes indoor display options like PolyColour for pvc-free and recycled noticeboards.

Our signage vinyls can be used in a multitude of settings and fixed to an even larger range of materials for long-lasting business displays! Our premium vinyls are completely printable and can be up to 3 meters wide in a single piece and any length before it will need to be split into sections.

Once printed, the pvc-free vinyl is laminated as standard in your choice of matt or gloss finishes which is also pvc-free. The laminate is what offers the guarantee, and currently ranges from 2-4 years for external use! Most external applications will need to be refreshed in 5-7 years due to weather damage, UV, colour fade or general wear and tear, or even your branding changing as your business grows.

We also supplied pvc-free window graphics, printed onto an easy application film that offers a 2-year life expectancy of the same poster artwork.

It was a pleasure to work with the Plastic Free Axminster team, and we are incredibly thankful for their recommendations to other eco-conscious organisations, as well as their posts tagging us on social media! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

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Posted by Samantha on November 10th 2023

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