Product of the Week

Here's introducing you to our Magnetic Lockable Noticeboards - our featured product of the week.

Simple, elegant and really does the job, is how we like to describe our Magnetic Lockable Noticeboards. They are, as the name suggests, magnetic and lockable. They are also come with sliding doors and make for elegant pieces of interior office architecture.

Here's some more reasons we'd like to recommend our Magnetic Lockable Double Noticeboards

1.      They will look great in your office. The boards are sleek and elegant. They come in brushed or powder coated coloured aluminium: red, blue or green with a gleaming white magnetic back panel for your notices.

2.      You can buy different coloured magnets to colour code your notices. And the using magnet pins will keep your notices neat and tidy.

3.      They are lockable so, no tampering.

4.      The sliding doors mean that the notice boards can be installed and used conveniently in areas where you are short of space (you don't have to consider swing space for opening doors.)

5.      The sliding panels are made out of bonded glazing, making the glass shatterproof.

6.      The frame is precision cut by laser to make sure you have neatly mitred corners that fit perfectly.

7.      Our noticeboards come complete with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

8.      And they are made in the EU which helps us to keep your manufacture and delivery carbon footprint down.

If you want to find out more this week's featured product, please call me, Chris on 01297 444 665. Or email me at

Posted on April 16th 2012

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