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Printed Wallpaper for West Dorset Leisure Holidays Camping Pods

West Dorset Leisure Holidays offer beautiful holiday accommodation along the Jurassic Coast in West Dorset. One of their most popular accommodation types is the camping pod, which offers a luxurious outdoor camping experience. 


Print photographic wallpaper for new camping pods

We were contacted by West Dorset Leisure Holidays to assist with decorating their new camping pods. These quaint pods offer a ‘glamping’ alternative to caravans and are one of the best ways to experience the Jurassic Coast.

The six pods are named after local sites of interest and iconic landmarks, such as Golden Cap and Durdle Door. We were asked to print wallpaper for these pods from high-resolution photographs captured by local photographer James Loveridge. A design challenge was given to us, however - the windows had to let light in without transparency for privacy.


Design, print and installation by our experts

The photographs supplied to us were beautiful and already perfect to be used for photographic wallpaper. The images were cropped, however, to fit in as much of the iconic landmarks as possible. Once this was done, printing began at our unit in Axminster.

The camping pods were all a similar shape, so a standard format could be applied. The pods needed 2.5m x 3m prints for complete internal coverage. The windows needed to let light in while offering privacy, so it was decided that these would benefit from a frosted vinyl with the photographs printed on top to continue the wraparound photographic effect.

The wallpaper took just a day to print. We installed the wallpaper ourselves to guarantee a flawless finish. The result? Camping pods with an interior as striking as their surroundings - and a very happy client.

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Posted by Jedd on April 12th 2018

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