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Printed Wallpaper for Opcare, Exeter


Opcare offers a full range of prosthetic services for both upper and lower limb loss—or limb absence from birth. As trusted healthcare professionals, they always search for the best solution for the patient’s individual needs.

The service provided by Opcare, in partnership with the NHS, is comprehensive and considered. They employ a wide spectrum of clinicians, technicians, administrators in each of their centres around the UK—including Exeter, the location of this particular project.


Two years ago, the Creative studio was asked to create some colourful and engaging wallpaper-like wall stickers for the Paediatric Fitting Room and Clinic at the Cambridge Opcare facility. For this brief, the Exeter Clinic wanted something very similar: some fun, vibrant animal-themed printed wallpaper for their Paediatric fitting room. 

The client was conducting virtual tour filming at the Exeter facility and would need the print, production and installation complete within seven days. 

The client was able to supply photos from the Cambridge Paediatric Fitting Room for us to work from; they also provided images of the internal walls, with all the relevant dimensions, and print-ready artwork for the Exeter facility.

Printed wallpaper is a hugely popular product in our range. Creative can transform any space with the high-definition artwork of your choice— printed directly onto premium-quality wallpaper. Whether you’re looking to inject an office environment with some dynamic graphics, or brighten up a children’s medical facility, we can bring your vision to life!


We supplied the client with MD5 Metamark Hi Tac full-colour printed vinyl wallpaper to decorate the paediatric fitting room at the Exeter clinic.  The cartoon animal graphics are positively bursting with colour, creating a fun, inviting space for the children to be in. The wallpaper was finished with a high-quality matte laminate to ensure the prints were protected, durable and easy to clean. All important features for a medical facility.

Before installing the graphics, our fitting team prepared and primed the walls to guarantee an immaculate, clean finish. The entire project was completed on-site on the same day. The client was delighted that we could execute the job within their requested time frame and with the quality of the product provided. We hope the children enjoy their new surroundings!


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Posted on May 7th 2021

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