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Printed Wallpaper for a Private Client


We were contacted by a client recently who was looking for some custom printed wallpaper for their music rehearsal room. A big fan of the British mod revival scene, the customer wanted an image of The Jam to cover their back wall, right behind their drum kit, for maximum inspiration. The graphics would feature all three band members—Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler—and the band name in a stylized graffiti font.

Creative Solutions have plenty of experience and expertise when it comes to supplying digitally printed wallpaper. We can totally transform any space—both domestic and commercial—with the high-resolution image, design or artwork of your choice, beautifully printed onto high-quality, perfectly-weighted wallpaper. 

We can deliver our wallpaper products all across the UK and will always provide easy-to-follow installation instructions, so you can achieve that professional finish without calling on your local decorator! For clients in the local area, we can also offer our own expert installation service—for that extra peace of mind.


We provided the client with Digimura 2.1 Tactile full-colour printed wallpaper with a weight of 350 grams per square meter. The high-quality band images were printed with UV ink, which produces a bold, vibrant finish.

Tactile offers a chic linen texture that will enhance any interior with a timeless, rustic aesthetic. This versatile wallcovering combines perfectly with an extensive range of printed design styles, while never diminishing the overall impact of the graphics. Its specially formulated receptive lacquer produces intense colour prints, providing stunning depth and quality— with the added benefit of containing a biocide to help prevent the growth of fungi or bacteria on your wallpaper. 

Digimura 2.1 Tactile is a great choice for any commercial interior—perfectly suited for spaces that encounter heavy foot traffic.

The pastable wallpaper was supplied in drops with overlaps to be trimmed when installed; the wallpaper itself measured  4800mm by 2280mm.

Also supplied with the wallpaper was a Murabound heavy adhesive—an easy-to-use premixed paste that is used for hanging Digimura wallcoverings—and a Murabond primer. A specialized paste that works brilliantly with all Murabond wallcovering adhesives.

Finally, the client was supplied with some easy-to-follow instructions! 

As you can see from the images, the results speak for themselves. The room is completely transformed with the stunning high-definition printed wallpaper. The graphics are pin-sharp and the easy-application of the wallpaper means the finish is faultless. Another happy customer!

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Posted on March 5th 2021

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