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Printed Wall Graphics for Powrmatic Limited


Powrmatic Limited are definitely a company to watch given the worlds new heightened stance against Climate Change after the G7 Summit earlier in 2021.

Designing, building and delivering HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) solutions for both commercial and industrial applications to create more comfortable and safe environments, the workforce at Powrmatic are putting innovation, integrity, compliance and service at the forefront of their Core Values - now beautifully displayed in their offices!


Powrmatic got in touch to commission a great jobs-lot of signage to decorate their site, and 2 graphic wall installations in their reception area and office. At Creative we pride our selves on being able to bespoke-ly tailor all quotes to suit our clients. In this instance, Powrmatic did not need all signage created installed by us, but did need a helping hand with the large vinyl prints and stand-off sign in the reception area. We also provided 7 Door Signs, 3 Pallet Signs and a new Goods In Sign for the company depot, all made from ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) to install themselves when ready.

Creating branded pieces for large display areas is a fantastic way to use space in an office to help staff and visitors connect with your company - there's nothing worse than walking into a blank open space with no visual impact. Powrmatic got this just right, keeping their design clean, crisp and flowing in their spiral branding to carry you through the room.

Sized up and proofs agreed, we set the printers to work creating these large-format pieces, ready for our Installations Team to work their magic.


Reception Area 'Swoosh' and Main Sign Installation: Installing vinyl is a severely overlooked and underestimated task - the technique is learned and improved with years of experience, and each time I see a large format piece installed like this, which is over 5-meters long, I have to applaud the team for the excellent application.

The team starts by tacking the vinyl to the wall with its protective backing still attached. Once the perfect placement is found, the team then meticulously works their way along the vinyl applying and removing the backing simultaneously, making sure no air-pockets form on their journey, and a perfect application from corner to corner.

Powrmatic's on brand 'Swoosh' wraps from door to opposite floor, with the companies mission statement applied above. This effect creates a welcoming and corporate entrance for the company, very impressive and professional.

On the opposing wall is their feature piece - A printed acrylic plaque, held with stain chrome stand-off locators, and framed top and bottom with printed vinyl text, welcoming you to the space. This type of dual signage is very popular, allowing you to create depth and focus in your signage. This layout is done in the Artwork Layout stages, you can be sent proofs of the layout, and even a 3D-renderred image of what the final product and placement will look like before you sign-off.

Vinyl tacked to wall before commencing
Text Applied. Vinyl 'Swoosh' final checks
Powrmatic Acrylic Signage Installed
Compled Powrmatic Arylic Sign framed with vinyl text

Powrmatic's DNA Office Display: It is a great exercise, best shared with all colleagues, to create your Mission and Vision Statements, as well as your Core Values - these are the core guiding forces that act as a foundation for your companies larger objectives, and help guide the process, keep you on target and act as a reminder to keep you on track. Each company displays these differently pending on brand, positioning, and space availability; we have seen quite a range of styles when commissioned to print and install, and we have to say this is one of the most unique!

Powrmatic sees their business as a living entity, powered by its staff and stakeholders and held together by the building blocks - DNA. They chose to display their 4 Core Values; Passion, Integrity, Customer Focus, and Teamwork in this brilliant format in a large meeting/office room. Much like above, our Design, Print, and Installation Team all work in sync with each other, making sure your chosen design is printed to size and precisely measured to suit your space.

We recently did this exercise for Axminster Tools and their updated Core Values for 2022, (remember as your business grows and changes, so will your Core Values!) Contact us if you need updated vinyl applications or a whole new display!

Tacking the vinyl to the wall before application
Lining up the large graphic and text
Completed Installation

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Posted by Samantha on December 15th 2021

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