Printed Protective Wrap Around Screen for Rotec


Having been in operation for nearly 40 years—originally as a distributor of hydraulic hoses and couplings—Rotec have worked hard to position themselves as a leading specialist provider of hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components and systems, catering for a vast range of organisations in both public and private sectors.

At the very core of their business model are some basic principles: steady growth, expansion, and a number of accreditations and appointments that value their high operational standards.


The CoronaVirus pandemic has asked some seriously tough questions of business across the country in the last three months. While the social distancing guidelines have been in place, and a large portion of the UK’s workforce has remained at home, companies have had to dramatically change their working practices to keep in line with government policy.

Now, as the lockdown rules have started to ease, and gradually employees begin to return to work, it’s vital that businesses continue to follow these directives to ensure the health and well-being of their staff and customers, and prevent the unnecessary spread of germs.

Rotec is a perfect example of a company actively seeking ways to keep their staff safe while normal business resumes. They understood that it was their duty to minimize risk as much as possible and were looking for any method of achieving that objective.

In response to these types of challenges and more, Creative Solutions have launched a brand-new range of products to help business during this difficult transitional period. We have created a variety of print, signs and display products with the single goal of protecting the public. 

From our new range, Rotec contacted us about supplying some printed protective wraps to place on the reception desk at their depot. For one, these wraps would establish an important physical shield between employees and customers—thus stopping the spread of germs—and secondly, they would provide clear visual reminders about the two-meter distancing guidelines. We were only too happy to help.


We supplied the client with 4 printed social distancing screens, measuring 1100x900mm. This is the largest size screen we provide—easily big enough to fully protect anyone positioned at the reception desk.

One key characteristic about this product is how simple it is to keep clean. The fully printable foamex and acetate screens can be wiped down and sanitized in no time at all, thus maintaining hygiene standards.

The client took advantage of our ability to print any custom design onto the outer edge of the screen, in order to promote brand identity. Rotec’s recognizable logo was printed in the top-left corner, while some text and diagrams regarding social distancing were printed at the top and bottom of the foamex frame.

This is a highly effective product and does exactly what it’s designed for—without jeopardizing any of the print or visual quality our clients are used to.

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Posted on June 16th 2020

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