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Printed Frameless Whiteboard Wall for Kitebrook House School


Found in the heart of the Cotswolds, Kitebrook is a preparatory school which offers an exceptional, well-rounded education programme to its students; a place where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a healthy and supportive environment. Khnown for being an outstanding centre of learning, Kitebrook aims to inspire self-confidence and a sense of independence in their students. 

As well as their focus on high academic standards - offering a varied curriculum and specialist teaching - children at Kitebrook have free roam of the school’s stunning grounds. They are able to climb trees, construct dens - everything a developing child could possibly wish for. Kitebrook firmly believes that a child’s time at school should be a happy and fulfilling experience.


Kitebrook School contacted Creative Solutions recently with an interesting brief for our design team. They were looking to utilize the wall space in one of their classrooms by having a series of whiteboard walls installed. There were 7 different areas in total to cover; each would be fully clad with custom-printed frameless magnetic whiteboard material. The individual sections of whiteboard would be custom-manufactured to seamlessly fit each area of wall.

Using our frameless dry-wipe whiteboards is a perfect method of creating a whiteboard wall. This is a hugely popular product in our range - due to its modern, sleek design and flexibility of use. Each section of whiteboard can be mounted flush to the wall, with a 2mm edge, and fixed together to create a seamless display. 

With non-magnetic frameless boards, you can transform any sized wall into a stunning, high-quality printed whiteboard display - ideal for classrooms and learning environments. Exactly what Kitebrook School were looking for.


Our installation team travelled to Gloucestershire to complete the installation of the whiteboard wall. We used a series of custom-built dry-wipe magnetic whiteboards, with custom graphics printed onto the 3mm steel composite material. While Kitebrook School chose to have their logo digitally printed onto the whiteboards, we are able to apply any graphic you desire—from maps and illustrations, to timetables and graphs. The possibilities are endless. The client was delighted with the quality of the product and the service we provided. Kitebrook students and teachers can now head into the new school year and take advantage of their new, versatile learning environment.

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Posted on September 21st 2020

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