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Printed Acrylic for Fulham Cross Girls' School


Located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Fulham Cross Girls’ School is an academy-status secondary school for girls aged between 11 and 16. 

Fulham Cross celebrates the diversity of its students and endeavours to create a supportive environment in which they can achieve their full potential. 

The school lives by its own core philosophy: the commitment to Empowering Tomorrow’s Women.


Fulham Cross Girls’ School were looking for us to manufacture an acrylic glass-effect display panel, onto which would be printed an inspirational quote about education by the US Democrat, Solomon P. Ortiz. 

Acrylic printing has emerged as a much sought-after design choice for clients of Creative Solutions. Its modern, glass-like aesthetic is perfect for anyone wanting to deviate from the traditional signage and display mediums. 

The properties of acrylic allow for an outstanding finish; text, images and graphics can all be brought to life in dazzling colour and super high-definition quality. Its sturdiness and many hanging options also make this an extremely versatile product—museum displays, school environments, high-end retailers. If you’re looking for something contemporary, printed acrylic might just be the answer.

Here at Creative Solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to print on just about any material; wood, metal, plastics—acrylic—the possibilities are endless.


To alleviate from the design costs, the client was able to provide us with image files from which we could create print-ready artwork. The image was then printed directly in full-colour onto a 3mm clear cast acrylic glass-effect panel—the overall dimension of the panel was 594 by 841mm. The size of an A1 sheet of paper if you wish to visualize it!

To add to the clean-cut, contemporary aesthetic, the corners were cut with a zero radius and the edges of the panel were flame polished.

Four chrome aluminium stand-off locaters were applied to the panel, slotted into the fixing holes drilled by us during the manufacturing process. 

The overall effect is visually striking. With the quality of the print and simplicity of the colour and font, the display looks modern and refined. The glass-like appearance of the acrylic makes for an elegant final product.

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Posted on March 22nd 2020

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