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Post-Mounted Signs for New Build Site 'Bellevue' for Cavanna Homes


In 1923, Cavanna Homes began trading as a family-run construction firm. A century’s worth of experience in the industry later, and Cavanna are now the largest independent house builders in the South West. While the company has experienced incredible growth in that time, its goals as a company have remained fixed: to construct high-quality properties that their customers can happily live in for generations.


We’ve worked with Cavanna Homes on a number of different design projects over the years—from signage for show home launches to  branded hoardings for a development project in Tavistock— so we were delighted to be contacted again for another job. 

This particular brief involved repairing post-mounted signage at the Hill Head Farm development site in Bude, Cornwall. A badly damaged V-board sign was the victim of some recent heavy storms in the area. 

Creative Solutions provide a whole range of outdoor signage options for construction firms in the South West. Whether it’s wayfinders, hoarding signs, housing development advertising—we can find resolutions to all of your branding and visual communication needs. 

Post-mounted signs are a low-maintenance but effective signage option. The high-definition printed panels are mounted on to aluminium posts to offer a durable, premium-quality product. They can be planted into just about any ground surface—giving the customer flexibility as to where it is positioned. 

There’s a whole range of post-mounted signs available, too, to suit a variety of different environments. It’s this mixture of quality and versatility that makes this product hugely popular with businesses across this UK.

The sign in question was a Land Acquired notice—its aim, to advertise the building development to any potential customers who might be travelling past the site. These signs remain in place for the duration of the construction project and removed again once the work is complete, or whenever the last property is sold.


For a full repair, we used post mix and pole sleeves to secure the fixings after meticulously calculating the potential wind loading on the sign. Creative Solutions provided the graphics, following Cavanna’s specific branding requirements. Two key features of these boards are their robustness —ideal for outdoor use—and their clarity as visual communication tools for the public.

These important characteristics are obtained as a result of printing in full-colour onto aluminium composite material (ACM) boards. Not only does this product offer a sturdy outdoor signage option, we are also able to print directly onto the substrate in super high-definition. Meaning the graphics and information is precise and readable for any potential customer. Cavanna were once again very pleased with the work carried out.

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Posted on May 2nd 2020

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