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Small Branded Post-Mounted Sign for Cavanna Homes


Cavanna Homes is a family-run construction firm that’s been in operation since the early-1920s. With a vast and varied portfolio of high-quality building and development projects behind them, Cavanna has established itself as the largest independent business of its kind in the South West. 

While experiencing massive growth over the years, the company’s goals have remained the same: to construct stunning, long-lasting properties that customers can proudly call home.


Creative Solutions have developed a healthy working relationship with Cavanna Homes in recent years. Indeed, we’ve been able to supply a whole range of signage and design products—for a variety of different projects. From high-quality post-mounted Land Acquired signs, to branded hoardings for development sites. We also provided the assortment of signage installed at Lyme View—the location for this brief—shown in the images above. 

We were delighted, then, to be contacted for another job. 

On this occasion, we would be providing a post-mounted No Dog Fouling notice which would be positioned outside the Lyme View site.

Post-mounted signs are a no-nonsense yet highly effective signage option for businesses across the UK. The high-definition printed panels are fixed on to aluminium posts to provide a sturdy, premium-quality product. They can be planted into just about any ground surface—which provides the customer the flexibility to position it wherever they choose.

There’s a wide selection of post-mounted signs available, to suit a number of different environments. This combination of durability, quality and versatility makes this a hugely popular product with construction firms—whose needs can be substantial and varied.


Following the client’s strict branding guidelines, we provided the client with a full-colour print No Dog Fouling sign. 

The self-adhesive print was applied to 3mm ACM 0.3mm skin board and finished with a premium matte laminate. The 297 x 210mm sign was then fixed to the aluminum post which we were able to provide and install.

The graphics included the recognisable Cavanna Homes company logo, complete with iconic seahorse motif—as well as the No Dog Fouling notice and accompanying dog symbol. 

On top of Cavanna’s dark blue company colour scheme, the warning notice was printed in bright white for maximum visual effect.

Once again, the client was extremely pleased with the product—and the service provided during the design, manufacturing and installation stages of the brief. Another job well done for Cavanna Homes!

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Posted on December 21st 2020

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