Why Pavement Signs Still Rule the Roost

Pavement Signs

Pavement signs: the perfect middle man. You know the guy you often see dressed up in a costume in the middle of the street with an arrow pointing to the nearest fast food chain? That’s one type of pavement sign. The normal, and much more effective type of pavement sign doesn’t involve making people stand in the middle of the street pointing towards your store, it actually does all that for you.

Whether you’re using your pavement sign outside your retail premises, in the high street or at an exhibition as part of your marketing display, having a roadside sign is a tried and tested method of attracting people to your store. But what makes them such an effective tool?

Pavement signs act as the perfect intermediary between customers walking past your store and your main product offering. Its physical positioning in the middle of passing traffic makes them impossible to ignore, (those that do walk straight in to them will be met by sturdy resistance, our pavement signs don’t fall over easily!) They extend the reach of your brand, making the customer interact with your business or exhibition stand before they have even seen the main product. The pavement sign serves as the perfect preparation to your main advertising method.

The hidden strength of having an a-board or swinger sign lies in placing it in a high footfall area. People tend to walk with their head down, meaning your projecting sign or window graphics can easily be bypassed. Engaging with customers at a variety of eye-levels and heights gives you maximum chance of promoting your brand and getting customers through the door.

There’s a huge variety of sizes, styles and types of pavement signs, making them a highly adaptable marketing tool. The printed graphics can promote your business, whilst many signs are changeable meaning you can keep them relevant with the latest offers and promotions. 

A Board Pavement Sign


Sturdy displays with changeable printed posters. Range of sizes available and gives a contemporary appearance. Well suited for retail display and exhibition trade shows. 

Swing Board Pavement Sign

Swing Boards

Made to withstand the best of the British weather, Swing Boards are made to move with the wind. Our range of swing signs can be made with permanent graphics or changeable panels depending on your requirements. Easy to set up. 

Chalk A Board Pavement Sign

Chalk A-Boards

Chalk a-boards can either come with permanent printed graphics, or can be used with chalk pens. These traditional pavement signs are popular with pubs and restaurants with a range of sizes and frames available.

Rotating Sign Pavement Sign

Roadside Promoters

Roadside promoters are a versatile advertising method, and can either be used as temporary signage for one off events or exhibitions in the form of verge signs, or alternatively as permanent fixed roadside signage.

Pavement signs remain an incredible effective marketing tool. They are the ideal middle man to attract customers to your store and increase the effectiveness of your other marketing tools. View our range of pavement signs, you’ll be surprised at the difference they make.

Posted by Rob on April 6th 2016

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