Pavement Signs - Booster A-boards

Our best-selling pavement sign is the Booster A-board.  The two main reasons for this I believe are: 1.The semi-circular header which adds great surface area for printed promotional material. It also offers a space to attach a leaflet or business card dispenser - so you have the total impact of the poster and give people the opportunity to pick up a leaflet or other promotional material.

2. Unlike many other pavement signs, the Booster A-boards have a luxurious look and finish to making them also suitable for indoor use.

In addition, the Booster A-boards satisfy when it comes to the two main issues customers typically have when shopping for a pavement sign.
1. Stability - the last thing anyone wants is their sign buckling or collapsing. Booster A-boards have a hinged locking arm; this ensures steadiness and stability outdoors and indoors.
2. The look of the posters once in the sign. Booster A-boards come with anti-glare poster protectors so they work perfectly under all lighting conditions. They are also designed with poster removal holes to making it really simple to change posters, and protecting them from damage during changeovers.

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Posted on April 30th 2012

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