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Part Wrap for Palmers Brewery Cellar Services Renault Van


Palmers Brewery has managed to put almost all our print and signage capabilities into use within their business. A massive compliment to us, but also proves just how many applications can be used to highlight, boost and bring your business forward as you grow and change. Palmers have been clients with us now for many years, and we are always delighted to provide them with another solution or installation.

We have a dedicated blog about Palmers Brewery, its heritage, and its progression is written here for you.


Palmers business styling and branding has come so far, you can see this transition from Palmer's van we wrapped for them several years ago.

As the van was supplied in gloss black, the van was only in need of a partial wrap with their new graphics on the side doors and back. Check out the image gallery below to see the vinyl application journey in our dedicated wrapping area.

As you can see near their bumper, we are also able to include in the print QR codes and social media logos to direct your customers to your outlets when they see your vehicle out and about.

Clean Van arriving at the Wrapping Unit
Large printed vinyls placed and checked again the proofs
Even larger side panel and door vinyl placed and checked
Vinyl back doors getting applied
Martin very happy with his completed van!


We would always recommend being able to get your company or private vehicle to us at our unit in Axminster to sign write or wrap. We have a dedicated space for vinyl wrapping, with the material being very fickle, it needs to be applied in a heat-controlled, dust-free space to make sure your application is perfect. Our blog on How To Wrap A Car explores these aspects in great detail, we also have this costing blog if you want to have a look at what different vehicles may cost to wrap.

Vehicle Vinyl can be applied as a full wrap, partial wrap, detailing (wing mirrors, bumpers, grills, alloys, etc), individual graphics, or business signwriting. This long-lasting vinyl is weatherproof and protects the paintwork underneath when it comes to resale or updated branding later down the line!

Feel free to explore the full blog range for our vehicle wraps, both for business and private clients.

We want to thank Palmer's Brewery for their brilliance, and as always, look forward to the next project. Time for a Palmers Pint of Tally Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Posted by Samantha on December 17th 2021

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