P2I wins best display stand prize at AudiologyNow 2011 expo

Proving the value of a unique, innovative display stand, the nano-coating technology firm P2i has scooped the prestigious Best In Show award at the AudiologyNow 2011 exhibition.

In line with the future-thinking theme of the exhibition, P2i's display stand was technologically impressive. It was designed based on the famous quote from the science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, who is best known for penning 2001: A Space Odyssey. The quote reads:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

Along with video screens showcasing products and providing demonstrations, one of the P2i display stand's main draws for visitors was an interactive hologram. The stand also had a carefully designed water wall feature and as a way of attracting more traffic to the stand, a wandering magician.

Speaking proudly of the visitor-voted award, and the thinking behind the design of the company's display stands, P2i marketing manager Ellen Zimmer said:

"We used the exhibition to unveil our new Aridion 8 product,"

"We felt the design of the booth, combined with the interactive elements, made our exhibit stand out from the competition."

AudiologyNow 2011 was held in Chicago on the 6th - 9th of April.


Posted on May 4th 2011

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