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Outdoor Sign for The Hurt Locker


The Hurt Locker is a recently-opened gym facility in Bridport. It’s a modern, hybrid-style gym where body progression combines with functional fitness for optimal results. With a military background, the owner of Hurt Locker, Richard Harvey, also offers his clients his flagship Military Fit Class. 

The Hurt Locker takes great pride in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their gym-goers—a place where anyone can get involved without feeling self-conscious.


It’s been a challenging year for gyms and fitness centres like The Hurt Locker. Now, though, as lockdown measures in the UK have begun to ease off in the last few weeks, and gyms across the country begin to reopen their doors to the public, it’s an opportune time to improve and update outdoor signage displays. New start; new signage!

That’s exactly what The Hurt Locker had in mind when they contacted the Creative team about us designing and installing a new outdoor sign for their state-of-the-art gym.  As a forward-thinking, dynamic company, The Hurt Locker were looking for sleek, contemporary signage that would best reflect their brand identity. 

For this reason, it was agreed that a good direction would be to use acrylic stand-off lettering within the outdoor display. Stand-off lettering is a great option for a modern company like The Hurt Locker, owing to its stylish appearance and stunning visual impact.



We provided the client with a Hurt Locker sign that would be installed at their fitness centre in Bridport. The display itself consisted of a Coala Printbond 3mm 0.20 white gloss ACM panel, finished with a stunning matte laminate—for that extra sheen of quality. We also supplied the set of acrylic stand-off letters making up the HL logo and the Hurt Locker and Bridport wording—these features would all be applied to the sign as black gloss flat text.

In keeping with the gym’s brand guidelines, for the 5mm-thick acrylic ‘H’, which measured 539mm high, we used a light blue acrylic. For the ‘L’, we would be using black acrylic. This colour scheme would be repeated throughout the rest of the stand-off lettering to keep the branding and aesthetic consistent. 

All the lettering was provided with medium 16mm stand-off locators and template to create that stylised, clean-cut finish.

Hurt Locker is now ready and open for business. The gym can now welcome back their customers with a brand-new, high-quality outdoor signage display. Job done!

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Posted on May 14th 2021

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