Outdoor Signs for Kier Construction
External signage install at Exeter City FC

Outdoor Signage produced for Kier Construction

Kier Construction creates spaces and places that generate opportunity and prosperity. One of their most recent projects is at Exeter City.


Produce external signage at a site in Exeter

After being recommended by another client, we met with Kier Construction on site to discuss their needs for their new development in Exeter, just next to Exeter City Football Club.

They required advertising and safety signage for the new development. A few signs were needed for this project as well as design time. We were asked to turnaround the project fairly quickly and install the signs. We recommended a few products and drew up ideas on the day with the client. This gave us a clear idea of what they wanted. We went away with a good brief and got to work the next working day.


Expert design print and installation

A few hours of design time were booked into our studio and our graphic designer produced a series of signs that were approved by the client first time.

With the designs done and dusted, we got to work sourcing media. For this project, we used a full colour self-adhesive print vinyl with a matt laminate applied to 3mm ACM 0.3mm skin board for the sign, at 2440 x 2150mm. Two panels were needed, sized at 1220 x 2150mm to make up the board due to its sheer size.

Two hoarding overlays were created from vinyl, in a 4400 x 2100mm high and 1700 x 2170mm high working size. For both, we used MD5A-B Metamark vinyl. This was printed in full colour with a matte laminate. The hoarding overlays were for the right of the exterior gate and near the staircase of the building exterior.

Once everything was printed and built up, we booked in an installation date. We delivered and installed the signs ourselves to a high standard. Kier Construction are delighted with our work and we’re in discussions to do more for them. Furthermore, it is hoped Exeter City FC may be able to use the area for advertising and promoting their own events once the development is finished.

To find out more about working with Creative Solutions on your signage project, speak to our team on 01297 630130 or email us at sales@creative-solutions-direct.co.uk.

Posted by Jedd on October 26th 2018

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