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Office Meeting Room Re-Design at Creative Solutions

Successful meeting spaces are ones that foster an optimum environment for creative thinking, problem-solving, and the participative communication of ideas. It’s a setting in which people can focus, collaborate and take themselves away from high-traffic areas to concentrate on a specific task or conversation.

At Creative Solutions, our sole meeting room is used often by all departments, and the usage over the years had seen it, like many meeting rooms, become a hub for storage, furniture, and spares.

At the beginning of 2022, we took on the mission to own our space once more, revitalise our branding and image, and make sure this was reflected in all our working spaces and assets. You can see our large shutter door vinyl installation now facing the industrial park, and our newest wrapped works vehicle as the first before we start wrapping our other fleet vehicles.

Before - Meeting Room External Wall
Before - Meeting Room Internal Main Wall

The Before

Meeting Rooms can be formal or informal, they can also be high-profile boardrooms or small interview rooms. They can be enclosed private rooms or open collaborative spaces. However Meeting Room Design must ensure that the needed facilities are on hand for meetings to be productive.

Our small internal office space was initially fitted with our high-quality digital printed wallpaper in a scenic forest print and a stand-off acrylic lettering wall display. The interior of the meeting room had no design features fitted, and was a clean blank slate for the design team to work their magic on.

As the team grows, it was noted this space needed some TLC, not only for internal meetings of the various departments, but as the first space potential new staff would see in interviews when coming into the building.

Internal Meeting Room Wall - Wallpaper Design & Mounted Stand-Off Lettering

We decided we wanted the internal wall to reflect Creative Solutions Vision and Values, our core defining adjectives and those we strive to achieve. The Design Team measured and sized up the wall to create a bespoke design perfectly situated to the slightly angled corner, door frame and bottom lip.

To make use of all the signage solutions we offer, we left a large gap in the centre to install the stand-off lettering to really bring the wall to life and offer a contemporary internal display.

You can watch Tom installing the wallpaper in our video, and see the finished result below!

Internal Meeting Room Wall Wallpaper Installed
Stand-Off Lettering to Complete Internal Display

External Meeting Room Wall - Wallpaper Design & Door Coverage

To finish off this part of the project, we wanted to refresh the forest print wallpaper to a custom on-brand design. As Printers, an ink splatter in our company colours was fitting, whilst also bright, colourful and inviting.

To really capture our offering as soon as clients and staff come into the office space, we chose to highlight these in the arrows to stand against the bright blue: Print, Display, Signage, Exhibition, Design and Vehicle Graphics. These are now on display on the front of the building in large stand-off lettering and carried on through our internal decoration.

We re-mounted the Creative Solutions stand-off logo on the wall, which fit perfectly between the ink splatter pattern and completed the look. Our in-house Design Team need to take full credit for this brilliant design! Extending the pattern onto the door for a fully encompassing piece.

Meeting Room Design and Installation

We are very proud to now show off this internal space and use it more effectively. Environment plays a big part in work efficiency and productivity, so we were more than happy to invest our knowledge and time to bring this space up to speed. Custom digital printed wallpaper can be used in an array of settings, printed with stock imagery for your home, or branding like ours for offices, meeting rooms, receptions, offices and staff areas.

If you are looking for your own meeting room / office re-design, please do not hesitate to get in contact and discuss your needs with us. Be it awkward wall spaces, window and door inclusions or even ceiling installations! We have a variety of wallpaper materials, textures and finishes to find a brilliant installation to complete your space, and can even proivude printed samples so you can get the measure of things before committing.

Posted by Samantha on March 14th 2022

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