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New Vinyl Wrapped Shutter Door & External Signage Display at Creative Solutions


Ourselves! As you all know we have been in the business of signage and print solutions for many years. This December ahead of a site-wide signage and display overhaul it was time to give the exterior of our own building some TLC with a brilliantly designed vinyl installation for our front-side rolling door, and giant lettering detailing our offering to the Industrial Park and potential future clients.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer all businesses and homeowners the perfect display, signage, and print solution for whatever the job at hand is. This December ahead of making our New Year Resolutions, it was decided we needed to look at our own building and make sure we were advertising ourselves in the best possible light given the recent growth of the Industrial Park we are based in at Axminster, and the important Print is having in the world moving forward into a Greener, more sustainable future.

The new internal and external displays also allow us to show off just how versatile the products we create in-house can be! First up, we wanted to make sure the exterior of the building was looking modern and fresh. Our large flex-face illuminated sign stands proudly and is turned on each evening to offer 24/7 visibility. We wanted to be able to have a much more visual way of advertising our offering, and what better than mounting huge lettering to the cladded surface of the building.

Next up was the large green roller door that matched the colour of the building cladding. We wanted to have a real 'wow-factor' piece of artwork, of course, created in-house by our brilliant Graphic Design Team. The brief was to create a re-work of our iconic bird logo, distressed, edgy, modern, with large colour pops of our yellow, magenta, and blue branding.

We set to work in our various specialisms moving the job forward as we do as if working with a client, making quotes, proofing artwork, making additions and changes, and ordering the materials required. Once the job was signed off by our Directors, Design Team, Marketing Specialist, and Production Team - the dates were chosen to install, ready for when staff returned in the New Year!

Creative Solutions Branding Brief and Concept Design
Large Acrylic Lettering Mounted to Cladding
Vinyl Wrapped Rolling Door with Large Graphic Design Logo
Rolling Door Vinyl Application Close-Up
Completed Project and Display on Exterior of Building


What better way to utilise the best of our signage and display capabilities then using our own incredibly Design Studio Team. The turnaround for this project was pretty tight as we wanted to make sure everything was ready and installed for the New Year, and not to take valuable installation time away from you, our trusted clients. Once the brief was signed off by all involved, our Production Team set to work printing, checking, de-weeding and prepping each individual piece. 

Due to the cladding on the exterior of the building, it was decided early on that drilling and mounting the Acrylic Lettering to the building would not be advisable (as much as we love stand-off lettering and the effect it gives!). Instead we opted for a strong all-weather long-lasting adhesive  applied to the back of each vinyl fronted acrylic letter. No easy feat in itself - each face of the cladding and ingress had to be measured so that the lettering would have a large enough flat face to sit flush against and offer the correct amount of adhesion. If you are looking for external displays on your own building, our design team will take all these smaller details into consideration to make sure your signage and display looks its best, and stands the test of time all year round!

Lastly and to finish off the visual impact the front of our premises now has was the vinyl wrap on the rolling shutter door. Due to the rolling of the metal, a strong vinyl needed to be used to combat the effects of wear and tear, the elements, dust, dirt and general usage. The blockout vinyl easily covers the green painted metal underneath, offers up to and over 5-years of brilliant coverage, and uses a permanent solvent-free adhesive. The design was cut into long strips for each extruding clad of the door and applied like a big jigsaw to complete the final effect.

I can say from experience now driving up the road to our building, our flex-face illuminated sign, teamed with the lettering and large vinyl logo look absolutely fantastic. We have definitely made our mark!

As always we like to make these blogs informative, inspirational and to show off the versatility display signage can have. If you are looking for your own business signage, display and print renovation, please do contact us to discuss all your ideas, and work with our brilliant team to bring these to life.

Posted by Samantha on January 5th 2022

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