New Product Pages

New Product Pages

Product Page
Product Page

As you may have noticed in the last few weeks, our product pages have had a complete make over. The reason for this revamp is that we wanted to improve functionality and the service offered to our customers. The main issue addressed was the lack of product information on our old product pages; with so many products, detailed information is essential for customers to overcome any ambiguity when looking to buy products for exhibitions or signage.    


With our new product pages we aim to provide abundant information on every printing, exhibition or signage product we sell. The purpose of this article is to expand on my previous article and go through some of these new product page features in depth.


Main Header-

The idea of the main header is to show a detailed image of the product combined with a title header summing it up in a sentence. In this main header also resides a quantity discount box, which shows you the potential savings you can receive at different quantity brackets. The last feature of the main header is the links to further information down the page, this is a very handy way of navigating your way around the page, taking you to the most relevant information, such as product descriptions, specifications, galleries and videos.



All product pages contain a description/overview. This is the area used by our industry experts to provide detailed descriptions of the products, utilising their years of knowledge and experience. Descriptions will typically take you through the uses and benefits of the product. Grouped with the description is a bulleted list of the product features, including information on warrantees and accessories, and a specification table, which shows all of the size and weight specifications applicable to the product, this is very useful when you are working at an exhibition and have limited space. If you have any queries which are not answered in our product pages, please do not hesitate to ask our sales team on 01297 630 130.


Galleries and Video-

Further down the page you will find the image galleries and videos. Galleries are a great way to see products set up in different ways so you can see the scope of what is possible. Many of the images are photographs of previous projects we have designed for people, hopefully this show you some of the high quality projects we have undertaken for exhibitions, large scale signage or printing for large companies, or some of our smaller scale jobs. Our videos show the process of assembling a product; the aim is to take to through the process of erecting a banner stand or exhibition product, from star to finish, to show you how simple they can be. This should save you large amounts of time and frustration when setting up at an exhibition. All of our videos can be seen on our youtube channel.



Staff and Customer Reviews are another new addition to the product pages. Staff reviews are honest opinions of each product given by our most experienced members of staff, each with decades of experience in exhibition, printing and signage services. Customer reviews are an opportunity for you to tell us what you think of the product or services we have provided. To leave a review simply go on the product you wish to review, go to the customer reviews section down the page and click ‘submit a review for this product’, after this just sign in and leave a review.


With most pages you can also see: fitting instructions, design templates and short articles such as ‘who uses this product and why’? Or ‘your print options explained’.


Hopefully all this new info will ensure you get the right product. Check out these features on a product page:


Posted on February 1st 2013

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