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New Information Panel Display for Mary Anning Rocks in Lyme Regis


New Information Display Panel for Mary Anning Rocks in Lyme Regis

Mary Anning Rocks, a Lyme Regis based charity is a project-oriented group dedicated to creating a living legacy for a local legend, Paleontologist Mary Anning. We were honoured to work with the team to create and install an updated seafront information panel display, which is now on display next to her statue.

Due to its incredibly exposed location on the seafront, this project called for some heavy-duty and long-lasting external display and signage materials, as well as a vibrant print to best display the inforamtion about Mary's life in Lyme.

Mary Anning Rocks

Following on from the successful erection of Mary Anning's statue in 2022, the installation of the statue marked the culmination of a four-year campaign by the Mary Anning Rocks group, which was initiated by schoolgirl Evie Swire, then aged 11, and her mother, Anya Pearson.

Continuing their mission to elevate awareness, education and interest in Mary's life, we have worked with the team since to create various signage and display pieces to help direction visitors and locals to the statue, like these brilliant Finger Post Sign Panels. You will find the statue at the junction between Long Entry and Gun Cliff Walk on the Lyme Regis coast front, just a short distance from the town.

Installing large information display panel at Lyme Regis for Mary Anning Rocks
Installing large information display panel at Lyme Regis for Mary Anning Rocks

Celebrating History & Community: Our Latest Project for Mary Anning Rocks

At Creative Solutions, we take immense pride in partnering with local organisations to create impactful and visually appealing signage. Our latest project, an information display panel for the Lyme Regis-based charity Mary Anning Rocks, showcases our commitment to supporting community initiatives and celebrating historical figures who have made a lasting impact.

After a visit to the site earlier in the year to take exact measurements of the original panel, we knew straight away from having worked in the area for many years, a signage installation of this importance needed to be incredibly long-lasting to withstand its exposure to sun and see, as well as continuous use as a public display.

The panel design covered all bases including educating visitors and locals on Mary's discoveries and their significance, encouraging involvement and sparking interest in the rich history of the area, and overall, complimenting the statue installation as people commemorate her. Design work was carried out by their design team once the measurements were submitted. You can see a glimpse into their design process below!

Our Approach to the Information Display Panels

Creating the information display panel required a thoughtful approach to design and content. Here’s how we tackled this exciting project for the new signage panel:

  • Communication & Site Visit:

When the project was brought to our attention, we always establish a rapport with the project leader to make sure we are creating something tailored to their needs as well as discuss best materials and budget for the project. A site visit can then be conducted to learn more about the installation area, take important measurements and make assessments on how best to access the area when ready to return.

  • Durability and Accessibility:

Understanding the coastal environment of Lyme Regis, we chose materials that are weather-resistant and durable. The panel's design also considers accessibility, ensuring that the text is readable and the layout is visually appealing to all visitors.

  • Quality Signage Materials:

We chose to a premium aluminium sheet as the base panel, known for its robust nature and rust-resistance in such an exposed location. This is then faced with a high-quality, super durable printable vinyl that is laminated to offer UV-protection, has anti-vandal properties and is guaranteed for up to 5 years.

  • Collaborative Design Process:

We worked closely with the Mary Anning Rocks team to ensure the panel's design would accurately fit the desired measurements of the  panel. Their stunning artwork depicted historical illustrations, modern graphics, and a cohesive colour scheme helping create an engaging and informative display. We then place their artwork onto a digital artwork template that can then be reviewed and edited easily before final sign-off.

  • Installation:

Our team ensured a seamless installation process, carefully removing the old panel and marking any fixing placements in the stone wall. Due to the length of time the old panel had served, lots of the fixings had been compromised, so a skilled approach was required to ensure no damage occured, and new fixings were used for best practice. The placement allows visitors to easily connect the information with the physical representation of Mary Anning close by, as well as look over the stunning coastline where Mary would have honed her skills and discoveries.

Mary’s Map, a free downloadable map of Lyme Regis so everyone can follow in her footsteps.

Mary's Map

A free downloadable map of Lyme Regis so everyone can follow in her footsteps.

Find Out More Here >

Mary’s Timeline, again free and downloadable artwork of all of Mary’s key dates and events.

Mary’s Timeline

A free downloadable timeline showing all Mary’s key dates and events.

Find Out More Here >

New Aluminium Information Panel for Mary Anning Rocks in Lyme Regis Now On Display!

Impact & Reception

Since its installation, the information display panel has received positive feedback from the local community and visitors alike. It not only enhances the statue but also serves as an educational tool, fostering a deeper appreciation for Mary Anning's contributions and inspiring future generations to explore the wonders of palaeontology.

We are honoured to have played a part in celebrating Mary Anning's legacy through this project. At Creative Solutions, we believe in the power of visual storytelling to connect communities and preserve history. We look forward to continuing our work with local organisations to create meaningful and lasting displays that educate and inspire.

Visit the statue and our information display panel at the junction between Long Entry and Gun Cliff Walk on the Lyme Regis coast front, and join us as we assist Mary Anning Rocks celebrate the remarkable life of Mary Anning!

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Posted by Samantha on June 4th 2024

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