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New Fascia Signage & Window Graphics for Lemon Plaice in Axminster

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New Fascia Signage  & Window Graphics for Lemon Plaice in Axminster

Revitalising worn-out and lackluster external business signage is crucial for maintaining a positive brand image and attracting customers.

In an exciting endeavour to rejuvenate the external appeal of Lemon Plaice in Axminster, we embarked on a comprehensive signage revitalisation project including a new curved fascia and custom window graphics to boost Lemon Plaice's curb appeal and invite more foot traffic.

Lemon Plaice Fish & Chip's

In homage to her late father, the new proprietor of Axminster's cherished fish & chip takeaway has undertaken a remarkable renovation. The establishment now boasts a stunning curved fascia sign, meticulously crafted to envelop the exterior, complemented by vibrant and inviting window graphics showcasing an array of beloved traditional fish & chip delights.

New Shop Front Signage for Lemon Plaice in Axminster
New Shop Front Signage for Lemon Plaice in Axminster

New Fascia & Window Graphics

The existing signage appeared worn-out and lackluster, failing to reflect the vibrant atmosphere of this bustling and beloved local fish & chip shop, which aimed to enhance its business prospects.

Following a productive site visit with our client at Lemon Plaice, we engaged in a fruitful discussion about their aspirations and vision for revitalising the external signage of the fish & chip takeaway business. We shared various ideas and inspirations for their consideration.

Together, we concluded that installing a bespoke curved fascia would breathe new life into the establishment. Additionally, with ample window space available, we identified an opportunity to make a lasting first impression by utilising it effectively with sold bold window graphics.

Fascia Sign & Window Graphics Artwork Proof for Lemon Plaice

New Signage for a popular local takeaway restaurant!

Shop fascia signage is crucial for businesses for several reasons. Creating a lasting impression on customers, serving as their initial point of contact, establishing and reinforcing your brand's identity, aiding in recognition and loyalty. And all importantly - it gets you noticed! Visibility is the name of the game, and with Lemon Plaice situated in a busy mid-town location, they are now primed for success.

This curved creation is made by bending thin ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) into the desired degrees of bend, and finished with a high-task vinyl, printed with the customers signage design. It is then finished with a matt over-laminate giving it that all important 5-7 year life expectancy.

With business signage being our speciality, particularly bespoke creations, we excel in sourcing the finest materials available to suit your specific application. When installed by our professional team, your business branding is entrusted to capable hands, ensuring quality and precision every step of the way.

Combining the new custom-made fascia with striking custom window graphics is an excellent strategy to highlight the menu offerings and the wide variety of fish options available. This approach not only entices potential customers but also delights current loyalists, ensuring a memorable and enticing experience for all.

It was a pleasure to work with Lemon Plaice on this signage refresh and installation, we know there signage will look great for years to come!

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Posted by Samantha on April 5th 2024

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