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New Business Signage for Morton's Pharmacy in Axminster & Chard


New Business Signage for Morton's Pharmacy in Axminster & Chard


Morton's Pharmacy

Morton's has been dedicated to providing an outstanding customer service in Axminster, establishing a 20-year renowned offering to the local community.

Morton's Pharmacy is now also serving the community in Chard from two new pharmacy locations on Fore Street and Holyrood Street. This will enable patients in Chard to benefit from the outstanding service which Axminster-based patients have come to rely on.

We were incredibly happy to be contacted by the Morton's team to outfit all 3 locations with brand new signage and fascia panels for them to take ownership of their new sites.

The main article image was taken by the Morton's Team. Source.

Morton's Pharmacy in Trinity Square, Axminster

Trinity Street, Axminster Location

Image Source

Morton's Pharmacy in Fore Street, Chard

Fore Street, Chard Location

Image taken by CS

Morton's Pharmacy in Holyrood Street, Chard

Holyrood Street, Chard Location

Image taken by CS


New Fascia Panel & Projecting Signage

The team at Morton's recently took over the old Lloyd's Pharmacy location on Fore Street in Chard. As with planning permission and new business placements, new signage is an integral part of letting your customer base know you are there, as well as fulfilling the legalities of business ownership.

Lloyd's had left their old signage in place, allowing for easy renovation and updating of the signage as the Morton's team simply needed to send the measurements of the existing panels and their artwork design brief over to us.

External Fascia Panel and new Projecting Hanging Sign for Morton's Pharmacy in Chard


ACM Panel Signage

For brilliant fascia panels and hanging signage that won't break the bank, we use a highly popular signage material, ACM (Aluminium Composite Material). Strong, lightweight and completely customisable, ACM can be cut to any size, easily fixed in place, and faced with either a direct print or a vinyl overlay for full-colour vibrancy, longevity and ease of renewal in a few years' time. As ACM is two sheets of thin aluminium on either side of a strong plastic core, it can be used for double-sided displays, panel signageprojecting signstray signs, artwork printing, and internal displays.

Our Long-lasting vinyl applications are then printed with your design, logo and artwork onto a high-performance vinyl with either a 1, 5 or 7-year guarantee. This variety allows you to assess how long the signage needs to be in place if you have any upcoming plans to refresh your branding or vision, as well as be assured your sign is going to look great for years to come.

As the ACM will always outlive its vinyl application, it means you can re-face your signage time and time again without having to replace everything. Morton's new signage was installed on-site in Fore Street by the Creative Solutions installation team, who happily tour the local counties and further afield installing your completed signage and display products!

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Posted by Samantha on August 14th 2023

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