New and Improved Creative Solutions Website

Creative Solutions Website has been improved to better meet your printing, exhibition stand and signage needs 

For anyone who has not yet noticed, welcome to our new website. In a campaign to improve our customer service, one method was a complete restructure of the creative solutions website. Our aim was to improve functionality and service for anyone using our site for any exhibition, signage or printing needs. 


As well as a general revamp our website has many new features. The purpose of this article is to go through some of these features.

Firstly you may have noticed the abundant information now available. We have ensured that we provide all the information you could ever need for printing, signage and exhibition. For example our product pages now contain product descriptions, features, overviews, galleries, advise from our industry experts, customer reviews, specifications, fitting instructions and videos. As well as this is any extra information we feel is useful to you, such as ‘who uses this product and why’ or ‘your print options explained’. We understand that when buying an exhibition product there can be ambiguity about which product you need. Hopefully all this new info will ensure you get the right product. Check out these features on a product page:

Another new feature is our price calculator. Rather than working out prices based on set sizes, simply choose the size you want, the material you want it printed on and when you want it delivered and our calculator does the maths for you, this enables you to know what prices you working with straight away with no need to buy separate products such as banner stand lights, just choose them as an option.

Our new site now features lots of great photos and case studies of our previous projects, now you can see the wide range of jobs we carry out and how we can help you. 

Another fundamental change is the streamlining of our purchasing process. Now you can go straight to the shopping basket with no hassle. Once in the basket if you want to make a change you can do it in the basket, saving you the frustration of going back and forth.

We now provide the opportunity for you to sign up to memberships with our company. We feel this is a way for us to connect with our customers. I will be going into more detail about the many benefits of becoming a member in articles coming soon.

I hope this article sparks your interest enough to explore our new site and take a look at some of our new features. As our aim is to improve functionality, if there are any areas that you still think need improving please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Webmaster.

As this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is available, I will be following up this article with weekly in depth updates every Friday about our new features, make sure you do not miss them.

Posted on January 25th 2013

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