MOVEMBER Update: Approaching Halfway

As we edge towards to halfway mark, we thought we'd check in and give you a brief update on how the team are doing!

It's approaching the stage where things are getting quite noticeable now. The initial excitement is over and the Mo's are well and truly developing (some faster than others it must be said...) There is a mixed bag of emotions in the office here, there have been heated arguments over what is allowed and what isn't, others are complaining about a certain itchiness, while some seem to be enjoying the process far too much.

So far we've raised £220, and we'd like to send out a huge thank you to those who have donated so far. However, we're far from finished. We want to keep raising as much money as possible for a fantastic cause. If you can spare any sort of donation, please head to our fundraising page at

Let's cut to the chase. Here are the profiles of the team after 11 days...

Jedd: 9/10

Jedd is racing away in to an early lead with a strong first quarter. He is basing his look upon Merv Hughes, and says "I'd like it to thicken out over the next week or two, a bit more bushiness would be great." Stay tuned, this could be special.

Chris: 5/10

We might not see much more of Chris, for the Tom Hanks lookalike is seriously considering auditioning for the lead role in Castaway at the end of month. Whilst his growth is impressive, a high score cannot be awarded due to the fact his moustache joins at the bottom, Rule No.4 stipulates this cannot happen.

Matt: 7/10

Matt has made a solid start to the month, although is absolutely not enjoying the process (can you tell?). Donations are welcome to convince him to keep it beyond the end of the month... 

Ben: 6/10

Ben is looking smooth with a traditional Mo, but is said to be disenchanted with the process. "It's just a really non-descript Mo, complete rubbish. I would give up if I wasn't such a team player." Come on Ben it's not all bad. Someone donate to him, he's struggling at the moment.

Gary: 6/10

"The key to this is the density of facial hair, or as I like to call it the HPI (hairs per inch) Index, I can't compete with some of these guys." It's been a steady if unspectacular start for Gary, however as the month goes on he's expected to come good.

Leigh: 4/10

'Headstart' Leigh's moustache campaign has been riddled with controversy. Despite the rules stating you are allowed chin growth providing it doesn't join up, the Creative Solutions team had pledged to grow solely moustaches. Leigh appears to be supplementing his mo with a goatee, maintaining the 'sophisticated designer' look. Things must change.

Paul: 8/10

Paul has emerged as a serious competitor to Jedd with a fabulous handlebar moustache developing nicely. His naturally light hair-colour may work against him in the race to be crowned King of the Mo. One to watch.

Rob: 7/10

'Five o'clock shadow' Fellingham has started strong as many predicted him to do so, his dark hair lending itself well to the moustache. Several agents have approached him asking if he would be willing to change careers- a Freddie Mercury tribute act a viable alternative.

Jacob: 6/10

Jacob's moustache appears to be following his normal hairstyle trend- utterly unpredictable. It's starting to take shape now, as he looks to be trying to emulate his idol, Hulk Hogan. His lighter hair requires favourable and bright lighting, as well as high resolution images to showcase his Mo at it's best.

Ben: 4/10

Ben looks to have began his own challenge- instead of growing a moustache he is growing a beard. Fear not, we have taken full advantage of our printing expertise and created him his very own moustache to ensure he doesn't miss out on the fun. Look how pleased he is...

So there we go, there's the update on our Mo's so far. Please head to our page and donate!

Posted by Rob on November 12th 2015

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