More Reasons To Exhibit

A large number of our clients exhibit at trade shows or expos at least once a year. Our clients believe in the power of face-to-face marketing. They invest in exhibiting year after year because it achieves results. If you are exhibiting for the first time we'd like to congratulate you for taking the plunge.  We would like to help you, and your business, have a hugely profitable and enjoyable experience.  


When designing the layout and appearance of your stand, when considering the brand experience you are hoping to create, it is really worth understanding the impact face-to-face marketing can have. It will help you make choices that will increase your engagement, and maximise your ROI.

EC&O Venues (Olympia) vouch that when it comes to face-to-face marketing "the best and most in-depth resource for the industry is FaceTime."   

The following information is taken from research done by Face Time. These are the highlights. You can read the full report here.

1.       Watch sales rocket at a live event

Before an event:  34% of visitors said they would like to buy from an event

After an event: This rises to 63%


2.       Live events are the best form of marketing

Before an event:  32% of visitors believe live events are the "best form of marketing - as you can interact and compare to others"

After the event: this rises to 74%


3.       Customers connect with your brand at live events

Before the event: 27% of visitors believe live events "allow you to be more open-minded about what brands offer"

After the event: This rises to 74%


4.       Live events are more effective than a TV advert

24% of people experience an uplift in positive attitudes towards a brand after watching a TV advert

33% of people experience an uplift in positive attitudes towards a brand after attending a live event.


5.       Live events make buying easier

Before an event: 36% of visitors believe live events "make it easier to buy"

After the event: This rises to 76%


6.       Live events make people remember you

Before an event: 28% of visitors believe "experiencing a business first-hand makes it more memorable"

After the event: This rises to 65%


7.       Live events inform customers
Before an event: 38% of visitors believe that they will "find out new things"

After the event: This rises to 80%


8.       Live events build relationships
Before an event: 37% of visitors believe that live events are the "best way to meet new contacts"

After the event: this rises to 71%

Impressive, isn't it. I hope you are more excited and energised about the potential of your exhibition than we you started reading this post.  I hope it inspires you to invest time and energy putting together a really brilliant brand experience for your existing and potential clients. If you need help with your stand design, or want advice on exhibition display products, we've got pretty much all bases covered. Give me a call on 01297 444 665, or check out our website.


Posted on May 15th 2012

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