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MATHexcellence Speed Boards: Supporting Lionsraw Charity

Custom Printed Whiteboards for Lionsraw

Celebrating its 10th year of running, is a charity with the aim of taking fans to major football tournaments whilst getting them to work on charity projects that would leave a lasting legacy in that area.

For the 2010 South Africa World Cup, they took out 150 people who built an orphanage, school, showers,  toilets and delivered soccer programmes to children in some of the poorest areas of South Africa. 

Since then, they have built a primary school which was originally for 40 children. A daily free feeding programme was set up as most of the children coming to the school arrived having had no breakfast. Now the school has an incredible 400 kids, so Lionsraw returned to South Africa to continue their incredible work and build more classrooms. 

Lionsraw Charity South Africa
Lionsraw Charity South Africa

MATHexcellence, an innovative company who produce an educational tool known as 'speedboards', contributed to the project by taking over 150 of their boards. Developed by Andrew Findley, the boards are an A4 size wipe board printed with 80 random times tables questions. Students simply answer the questions, wipe the board and start again.

Creative Solutions, who produce the boards for MATHexcellence, printed and donated over 100 custom printed boards to the cause. 

The trip was a great success, and the MATHexcellence boards went down a treat with the staff and pupils at the two schools they were working with. Lionsraw Charity built an incredible 4 classrooms in under two weeks. 

MATHexcellence Speedboard
Lionsraw Charity South Africa
MathExcellence Speedboards Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions were humbled to be part of such a fantastic and inspiring cause. We applaud the work of and MATHexcellence for making a difference to the lives of so many children, and we are delighted to be able to help in whatever small capacity it may be. 

You can find out more about Lionsraw and MATHexcellence via the links below:

Lionsraw Facebook:

MATHexcellence Facebook:

Posted by Rob on December 7th 2015

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