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Magnetic Sheet Printing for The Shoal


Magnetic Sheet Printing for The Shoal


The Shoal

Based near beautiful Lyme Regis on the Dorset coastline, The Shoal has developed a professional yet intimate relationship with the Fish House Art Gallery, located in  Ortigia, a brilliant supplier of amazing marine art in the form of ceramic fish and other creatures from Sicily and Italy.

At The Shoal, founder and proprietor Pete has partnered with them to launch The Shoal's range of ceramic Mediterranean and Tropical fish to markets in the UK. The ceramic fish and creatures emerge from the kiln each and every one unique, hand-painted, and hand-finished. Each one has either a hook, loop, hole, or loop-through holes in the mould to allow invisible mounting or hanging using wire, cord, or tacks. We have previously worked with the team to create event signage, promotional flags and banner stands to help market their wears!

The Shoal Digital Artwork Proofing Sheet for Magnetic Sheet Printing
Digital Artwork Proofing Document
Full Colour Printed & Protective Laminated Magnetic Sheet for Temporary Vehicle Branding
Final Product In-Situ!


Custom Magnetic Sheet Printing

Magnetic signs and panels are a great way to advertise your business on your personal vehicle or used as a temporary display in offices for special events, meetings or workshops. Unlike vinyl stickers and graphics, a magnetic sheet offers a temporary appeal and can quickly be removed and reapplied as required.The Shoal got in touch to get some custom printed magnetic sheet printed for exactly this purpose as they were looking to offer brand advertisement on their personal vehicle when commuting to clients, suppliers and to events where they were selling their goods.

Our full-colour printed magnetic sheet is ideal as a removable advertising panels on vehicles and all magnetic surfaces. After your design has been printed in 2880dpi, it is then laminated to make the finished product durable, long-lasting, UV and fade resistant as well as look good from all angles by removing the glare.

When applied to vehicles, your magnetic sheet will be secure and safe when driving up to 70mph, allowing you to show off your branding on the move! Keep reading below to find out more on magnetic sheet printing, how to use, and how to care for your print.


Tips For Using Magnetic Signage

At Creative Solutions we strive to bring you the best possible products and services, our magnetic sheets are top of the range, very strong, and durable with a high colour density. The self-adhesive vinyl that is applied to the magnetic sheet to create your stunning display is printed using our state-of-the-art printers and our team of graphic designers is always at hand to ensure you have the perfect design.


  • The surface you are attaching the magnetic sheet to must be clean and free of dirt or dust.
  • To prevent scratches do not slide the mag sheet, lift it away from the vehicle and re-apply.
  • Never apply to a newly sprayed, painted, or polished surface.


  • Clean with mild detergents only, with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Layers of dirt considerably reduce the magnetic adhesion.


  • The magnetic sheet must be laid flat to prevent 'Donkey Ears'.
  • Do not roll up more tightly than 10cm.
  • If rolling, always roll with the magnetic side facing inwards.


  • In summer temperatures and where there is continuous use of the magnetic plates on the vehicle over many days, under certain conditions they may become stuck to the paintwork. In this instance wait for the temperature to drop before attempting removal.

Looking for Magnetic Sheet Printing?

Printed Magnetic Sheet

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Posted by Samantha on November 11th 2023

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