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Lorry Graphics for Inthatch


The Wakley family have been at the forefront of the UK thatching industry for more than three decades—supplying and manufacturing materials for builders, developers, homeowners and traditional thatchers all across the country.

Inthatch, the Wakley’s family-run business, can be found in the heart of the Blackdown Hills, on the Devon and Somerset border. Their high-quality products are acquired from a wide litany of sources, to ensure Inthatch have a varied stock to suit their client’s diverse needs.

Deliveries can be made to your front door, your worksite—or, otherwise, why not take a trip to the Inthatch barns and find the exact thatching product you’re looking for.


Two vital cogs of Inthatch’s business are their hard-working delivery lorries; the Izuzu Grafter and the Scania P-series. The Wakely family got in touch with Creative Solutions recently, enquiring whether we’d be able to upgrade the vehicle graphics on these much-relied-upon members of the Inthatch team.

For any small local business in the South West, the company vehicle is an essential tool. Not only is it imperative that these vehicles are in good running order and large enough to house the products for delivery—an eye catching aesthetic with strong branding should also be a primary concern. While the Izuzu and Scania lorries are out delivering the thatching goods to clients, it’s important to project a positive image of the company, and make it clear to potential customers what kind of service you’re providing.

This is where the Creative Solutions design team comes in. We have a depth of knowledge and expertise in creating stunning vehicle graphics for our clients. Businesses like Inthatch can enhance their brand identity and project a sense of professionalism.


We provided high-quality print graphics for both company lorries; the Izuzu Grafter and the Scania P-series. The artwork for the graphics was provided by the client, based on their current branding. 

From there, the team travelled out to the Inthatch headquarters in Bishopswood to cover all aspects of installation. This included the application of the two-tone gold and black Inthatch logo to the passenger and driver-side door of the Izuzu and Scania cabs—and the panel above the cab’s front windscreen for the Izuzu. The logo was also underlined by the company website.

For the Scania cab, we printed a striking gold INTHATCH LTD graphic, which was cut and applied to the black panel above the front windscreen. This bold higher-case lettering really makes its mark.

The artwork is simple but highly effective; the print quality creates a stunning aesthetic for both lorries and perfectly reflects the company’s brand. The client was more than happy with the results.

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Posted on December 16th 2020

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