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Vinyl Vehicle Graphics for Cains Farm Lorry


Cains Farm Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable company, based in Chideock, has been in business for nearly three decades. Over the years, they have established firm ties with a whole host of retailers, pubs, restaurants and market traders in the West Dorset and East Devon area.

In addition to the fruit and vegetable company, the farm is also home to Cains Farm Transport Services. This sector of the business offers local manufacturing firms a reliable and efficient transport service for anywhere in the UK. It was in this area of the Cains Farm business that our graphic design service would focus.


Cains Farm wanted to give one of their long haulage delivery lorries a fresh new makeover. They wanted to liven up the aesthetics of the lorry’s cabin, while optimizing its advertising potential with some high-quality cut vinyl vehicle graphics. They contacted the Creative Solutions team to see if we could help.

With over two decades of experience in supplying vehicle graphics for lorries, Creative Solutions offer a range of design options to our clients—a graphics solution to suit any budget. Whether it’s custom decals, half-wraps, full-lorry wraps, we can provide a premium-grade product. Using the latest in high-definition graphics, rely on us to enhance the visual quality of your lorry.

Cains Farm needed cut vehicle graphics that would engage new customers, improve brand identity, and advertise the business in the local area.


Once the client had supplied us with a series of brand-focused graphics, we were able to create the high-quality vinyl decals. To keep a consistent colour scheme, the new artwork would follow the same blue and white palette as the cab’s original substrate. The familiar dark blue of the cab’s trim would be used for all the text and logos displays, with a red flourish for extra visual impact.

The dark blue and red trim would also be used for the eye-catching Dorset scrolls that appear on the cab’s side doors and the majority of the side panels. The scrolls are a key feature of overall design of the cab—the dynamic, organic flow of the artwork creates a beautiful visual focal point and harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the lorry.

Once all the decals were applied to the DAF CF lorry, they were finished with a high-quality laminate for a professional, pristine final aesthetic. 

Cains Farms were delighted with the finished product. The delivery vehicle is now ready for the open road, looking like a new lorry!

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Posted on July 12th 2021

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