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Window Graphics for Clocktower Too


Clocktower Too is a great place to explore a vast array of Vinyl Records, CDs, and Music Memorabilia, all within the heart of beautiful Bridport. Clocktower Too opened in the premier retail area of Bridport - South Street - earlier this year in front of the iconic Electric Palace venue. Themed around the idea of the interior of a spaceship, it's a "satellite" of the very successful vinyl record store Clocktower Music, which operates nearby in the vintage quarter.

The addition of a life-sized spaceman seated in a leather armchair gazing out from the window created quite a stir - but nothing like the attention created when recently the helmet was removed to reveal a stunning waxwork of David Bowie within!

Clocktower Too was in need of some on-brand, iconic vinyl graphics to adorn their shopfront windows, and Creative Solutions were on hand to assist.


Owner Roy Gregory says: "The idea behind it was it couldn't be a repeat Clocktower Music, which offers preloved and rare vinyl. Clocktower Too focuses on stocking CDs, including rare and collectible ones, new vinyl and specialist memorabilia and photographs so we wanted a look that was eye-catching and different." In an attractive, historic, Dorset town, he says, "Much is last century. The thought behind this is, if you're going into a spaceship to buy CDs and vinyl, then they will be available in the future."

With designs created by Roy and his team, he produced a brilliant logo concept, perfectly combining retro-styling, bold text and the iconic spaceship, or 'satellite' as a homage to Mr Bowie, and Clocktower Music. We set about upscaling the sizes to suit the available space on the shop front, the proofs were approved and the printers started running.


Signage had to be given very careful consideration to fit with the new themed shop, the VIP guest seated in the window, and the attractive surrounding businesses. "I saw something I liked, right nearby, and asked the owner - and of course, the signage turned out to be from Creative Solutions. The choice was made first on what we saw and liked - and it was great to use a local business, which is something we try to do whenever possible. We set about designing and ordering straight away. Creative Solutions were incredibly helpful with the ordering process and we were delighted with the result."

Under the watchful gaze of resident waxwork, Mr Bowie, our team set about installing the vinyl logo and text on the inside of the glass to face outwards on both the front-facing window and the inside towards the entrace. These are printed in reverse, then de-weeded, and a protective backing sheet applied to maintain the adhesive whilst in transport. On-site, all measurements are double and triple checked for pinpoint accuracy, and the placement observed from several angles to make sure it is applied level and centered.

With Roy's sign-off our work was complete, now Clocktower Too stands proudly on South Street beckoning all music-lovers, collectors, and fond fans of David Bowie.

Imagery & Quotes kindly supplied by Laura Dron.

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Posted by Samantha on December 10th 2021

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