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Logo Design and Indoor Signage for Chard Equestrian


Nestled in the stunning Somerset countryside, Chard Equestrian is a hugely-popular equestrian venue which includes a top-of-the-range training facility, showground, and three all-weather arenas with a cushioned wax surface. 

The venue is able to cater for all manner of equestrian disciplines and all levels of horsemanship. They will always endeavour to provide a welcoming, friendly environment for their customers, while offering the very best in equestrian facilities and training.


Chard Equestrian got in touch with the Creative Solutions team with a two-fold brief. The first part of the job would be to create a logo design for the venue, using the client’s existing horse-themed branding. We would then be taking this logo and incorporating it into some signage for a selection of food and retail vendors at the equestrian centre. 

There was an eclectic mix of outlets we would be providing signage for—pizzeria, coffee shop, bar, and a clothing and equipment store—so it was important that these displays reflected the nature of the different premises while maintaining the core Chard Equestrian branding.

Coffee and Ice Cream - Concept
Coffee and Ice Cream - Finished
Shop at Chard - Concept
Shop at Chard - Finished
Flying Horse - Concept
Flying Horse - Finished
Pizzeria - Concept
Pizzeria - Finished


We provided the client with a new logo based on their existing horse motif—which we would use as the central theme of the various retail displays. 

For the bar signage, the logo would include the client's cap badge and an image of the paramilitary regiment they belonged to before moving into the world of equestrianism. 

To create the logo, we were able to convert the image into a vector graphic and remove the figure on the horse’s back found in the original logo. We then used the different versions of that logo and integrated them into the signage for the various retail outlets. We manage to take photographs on our initial site visit to determine exactly the kind of displays we would be creating, before signing off with the client. 

We produced each unique signage display from a range of printed aluminum composite material and self-adhesive vinyl—a perfect material for retail signage thanks to its durability and flexibility of use.  

The client was more than happy with the results. The Creative team managed to produce a range of high-quality signage, each visually compatible with the type of business it was advertising, while keeping the branding consistent with the new logo.

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Posted on April 30th 2021

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