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Lettering & Panel Signage for Central Motors Bridport


Lettering & Panel Signage for Central Motors Bridport


Central Motors, Bridport

Central Motors in Bridport is situated on the busy A3066, a major commuting road through the town and in a favourably highly-visible location for motorists!

Central Motors are car care specialists, dedicated to keeping your vehicles running smoothly. Their services include Engine Diagnostics, Brake Repairs, Transmission Services, Oil Changes, Wheel Alignment, Suspension Repairs, Electrical System Diagnosis & more recently include services for EV/Hybrid vehicles.

Central Motors Bridport ACM Lettering Signage on Industrial Building Cladding
Close Up Central Motors Bridport New External Signage Lettering & Sign Panels


External Business Signage

Starting way back in the Summer of 2023, the team at Central Motors got in touch to book a site visit to discuss new external business signage and displays for their big blue unit in Bridport. A member of our team headed over and all aspects of the space available, colours, logo and budget were discussed to get a fully rounded vision for Central Motors new signage installation.

Initial concepts were drawn up by our in-house graphic design team (see below) to start narrowing down the design and sizing of the signage pieces. At this time Central Motors were incredibly busy and also taking on new training to offer customers with EV and Hybrid vehicles an accredited garage to visit when needed.

Fast-forward to January 2024 and the team were ready to re-ignite the project with their new accreditation certificates and logos, as well as a new vision for their signage installation.

Concept #2 streamlined the initial design idea, turning the large fascia panel signs into flat cut letters that would stand out against the blue of the building cladding. It was decided for space-saving and giving their service offering the limelight, to drop the contact details and instead have 3 large centred panels to display their MOT accredited garage status, overall services offering and highlight their new EV/Hybrid car services. the final design concept #3 was then agreed to and the installation day booked easily with our team.

Central Motors Bridport Signage Artwork Design Idea #1
Central Motors Bridport Signage Artwork Design Idea #1
Central Motors Bridport Signage Artwork Design Idea #2
Central Motors Bridport Signage Artwork Design Idea #2
Central Motors Bridport Signage Artwork Design Idea #3 Final Design
Central Motors Bridport Signage Artwork Design Idea #3 Final Design


Flat-Cut Lettering & Panel Signage

Flat Cut Letters, Numbers and Characters are the perfect solution to take your signage to the next level and really get you noticed. This signage type has become increasingly popular and can be completely tailored to your branding, space availability and budget. For Central Motors the lettering needed to be large enough to get noticed, and be repeated on two external sides of the building. Each letter is cut from White ACM and is almost 600mm high which is bound to create impact! ACM is also used for the service display panels keeping the additional weight to the cladding minimal and the overall look professional.

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) is a lightweight and budget-friendly signage option with incredibly versatile properties lending itself perfectly to long-lasting external signage applications like Fascia and Flat Panel business signage. ACM comes as standard with a white face that can either be direct-printed, or have a long-lasting external-grade vinyl applied for branding colour matching or image recreation. When vinyl wrapped we offer a great 7-year guarantee on the print as we know that the media we use is of the best quality, and is much more likely to be replaced or re-branded before the ACM wears out.

Each letter and panel is then discreetly drilled for wall mounting, and a colour-matching screw cap applied for a seamless and invisible finish.

It was a pleasure seeing this signage project come to completion in 2024! As with all clients, if your plans change or you need more support in creation, we are happy to go at your pace and pick up quotations at a later date! Please do not hesitate to get in touch about your upcoming signage project and we can assist.

CMB - Blank Front Fascia Area
CMB - Blank Road-Facing Building Wall
Scaffolding Tower To Line-Up Signage Template
Flat-Cut Lettering Installation For Central Motors Bridport
Completed Front Facing Business Signage
Completed Road-Facing Lettering Signage & Services Panels for Central Motors Bridport

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Posted by Samantha on February 19th 2024

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