Leaflets or Flyers - the choice is yours!

Leaflets or Flyers -  the choice is yours

If you are thinking about having a sale or an event is taking place soon, or maybe you just want to advertise your company so the general public know you exist then why not try using leaflets, these are ideal for handing out to people or placing in specific places for people to help themselves to when passing.

Leaflets can be either single or double sided and are printed on 130-170gsm, a good quality weight stock but slightly lighter than flyers. To design a leaflet, just let your creativity go wild and experiment with different fonts, designs or images then work out what you want your leaflet to say, and when happy go to our website and download your work of art; everything is clearly explained and easy to follow, if at any time you have a query or question then you can ring us and we can help. If you have a complete mind block and can't think of what to put on your leaflet then we can take over the design side of things for you giving you peace of mind that everything will end up perfect, as once we have designed your leaflet we will send you a proof so you can titivate it to your hearts content and once you are happy it can go to print.

If you are looking for something slightly more durable then a leaflet then why not try flyers these again can be single or double sided and are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Flyers are printed on 300-400gsm and can be folded if necessary, when using 300gsm stock.

If you are thinking, "I've now got my leaflets/flyers what is the best way to get them noticed." I suggest looking around to see where other people have put theirs, this may help you decide where you could put yours, maybe consider a tea shop, wine bar, or even a waiting room, somewhere where people are relaxed and have time to browse. If you think putting them on a wall outside your office or village hall during the day would be a good idea then this would be possible as we provide acrylic poster holders which can be fixed to a wall.

Have a look on our website www.creative-solutions-direct.co.uk as we have very competitive prices and all the advice you need to download your artwork.

Posted on January 31st 2013

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