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Kiosk Signage for Sarah Forsey Ice Cream


Sarah Forsey is the owner of a popular and much-frequented  ice cream kiosk on the West Bay seafront in Bridport, Dorset. The kiosk itself is rented from Bridport Town Council and serves a wide selection of hot and cold snacks, confectionery, and ice creams.

Recently, the unit was given a fresh lick of paint, so the client decided they’d quite like the signage updated, too. We were only too happy to help!


The client was looking to upgrade and adapt the external signage of their ice cream kiosk located on the West Bay seafront in Bridport. Creative Solutions would be designing and fabricating a range of visual displays for the kiosk—from ice cream menus to branded spinning signs.

Effective signage for a kiosk such as this is a fundamental marketing tool. The client was looking for a visually appealing sign that represented their brand and showcased the products they have on offer. High-quality signage can be the difference between a customer walking past the kiosk or stopping by to order an ice cream.

As the new displays would be installed outdoors and exposed to all the elements the Dorset coast has to throw at them, selecting the right product was key. Not only did the various signs have to be engaging and able to attract customers to the kiosk, they needed to be robust enough to cope with the ever-changing weather systems. Rain, sun, wind—the signage needed to in stand firm and not corrode or rust.

Printing on ACM boards was the obvious choice. Our Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) boards consist of two 0.3mm aluminium skins pressed either side of a low density polyethylene interior. With waterproof properties and fully weather resistant, ACM is the perfect option for all of your outdoor signage needs. Because of its natural rigidity, signs can be attached to walls or posts via drilling, screwing or riveting.


We supplied the client a range of signage products for the West Bay kiosk. For each section of the unit—the sides facing the harbour, the sea, the road and the new harbor—we produced brand new full-colour print graphics, finished with a matte laminate and applied to 3mm ACM 0.3mm skin board.

The branding and colour scheme is kept consistent throughout; the new menus, the large overhanging sign and the under flap panels all stick to the same dark blue palette. The print quality for the ice cream graphics is razor sharp and full of colour, creating an enticing visual centrepiece for customers.

Creative Solutions also provided the stencil for the various painted logos needed for the job and we were tasked with replacing the two spinning sign graphics found at the top of the unit. Again, these were printed in full colour and finished with a matte laminate. 

The ice cream kiosk has been completely transformed thanks to the high-quality signage we provided. It now stands proudly on the West Bay seafront, ready to attract customers and holidaymakers once the weather takes an upturn. The client couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

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Posted on December 14th 2020

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