Did you realise how many exciting uses there are for whiteboards?

We supply a wide range of whiteboards, starting with standard whiteboards; these are boards which can be used at schools or during presentations, and are a must for every office; they can be single or double sided; non-magnetic or magnetic, framed, hung on the wall or put on an easel and moved around with ease.

If you are looking for a better quality whiteboard, or a whiteboard that requires a special application, such as cross grid lines, music lines or handwriting lines or a very popular one which we supply to many NHS hospitals is a weekly/monthly/annual planner, as this board can be used month after month, year and year. Another educational/fun way to make use of a whiteboard is to put an image on it, for example a map of Britain or maybe a skeleton or body parts and then let the pupils write on the board naming all the different parts on the image - let your imagination run wild and the options are endless. 

Our custom printed whiteboards are guaranteed for 5 years, but have been in place for longer than this without a mark on them! We carried out excessive testing with everysongle product on the market, and we are confident that we have the best solution in the country for printed whiteboards.

We can make whiteboards to any size but standard whiteboards come in standard sizes from 450mm x 600mm to 2400mm x 1200mm but if you have a limited space or require a specific size it can be custom made to meet your needs, and again can be double or single sided, magnetic or non-magnetic, the main difference in the prices of whiteboards is due to the quality of the frames and the overall look.

We also supply hand-held whiteboards which are ideal for using in schools, as once the pupils have written or drawn on the boards they can be wiped clean and used again. These are available double sided in A4 or A3.

To make the life of your whiteboard longer we recommend you use good quality pens, as we have found in the past the quality of pens vary significantly, some cheaper pens tend to leave ugly smear marks on the boards when wiped, so it pays to invest in good quality pens and wipes. For the bigger whiteboards a good quality spray clean and board rubber is essential.

There are plenty of other alternatives if your board cannot be mounted onto the wall. We offer free standing boards that are static, or mobile whiteboards that can be wheeled into position when required. These also have the option of being printed so you can customise your board. All our mobile whiteboards are double sided so you can have the best of both worlds!

You may also require other accessories such as magnetic pins for attaching photos or other information onto the whiteboard or magnetic letters, all of which can be found on our website so please feel free to click on the link and you will be amazed to see just how versatile whiteboards can be.

To see our main whiteboard page, please go to our main whiteboard page.

Posted on January 11th 2013

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