Wallpaper Installation at Paul Fenton Estate Agents
Internal Signage Installation by Creative Solutions
Installing Wallpaper at Estate Agents Premises

Internal Shop Signs & Wallpaper for Paul Fenton Estate Agents

Paul Fenton Estate Agents is run by founders Alex Paul and Emma Pike. They operate this successful estate agency with over 25 years’ experience from the heart of Chard, Somerset, with a refreshing blend of no nonsense advice and home selling. We have worked with Paul Fenton Estate Agents for a number of years.


Produce internal shop signs and wallpaper

We were recently asked by our client to produce a series of new signs for the inside of the shop to help portray the Paul Fenton brand. This included bespoke wallpaper with customer comments for behind the main desk areas. We were tasked with designing, printing and installing the internal signs and wallpaper.


Expert design print and product installation

We met with our client to discuss their needs in greater detail and go over a few different sign materials. It was decided that for the internal signs, acrylic stand-off signs would be best with brushed stainless-steel stand-off locators. These have a premium finish and show a classy side to any shop or premises. For the wallpaper, we were given a rough idea to work with and an idea was formed for customer and client comments to be shown on the wallpaper.  

Printing began once our designs were signed off. The signs and wallpaper were printed at our site in Axminster using our digital printers. We can print internal signs to any specification and our printed wallpaper is industry leading quality. We can print for any size wall with a conventional (paste) or self-adhesive back.

We delivered and installed the products once they were completed. The wallpaper was installed by our experienced fitters to ensure a professional finish. Our client is delighted with the work and our long-standing relationship with them continues.

To find out more about how Creative Solutions can help with your business signage, speak to our team on 01297 630130 or email us at sales@creative-solutions-direct.co.uk.

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Posted by Jedd on August 17th 2018

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