Infographic: What the colour of your logo says about your business

Have you ever thought about what effect your company colours have on customers? If you're aiming for your company to come across as sophisticated, formal and luxurious, you probably don't want to use green. 

That's because different colours instigate different feelings for consumers. Blue indicates calm, strong and trustworthy, whereas red suggests passion and boldness. When designing a company logo or colour scheme, think carefully and don't just choose your favourite colour.

Other facets such as line spacing, font and shape are important things to consider and help to tell your brand story. 

The creativestudio have vast experience in designing professional logo, and can assist in finding the right match for you and your business. Take a look at the infographic below from the guys over at Colourfast and see what you think.

Posted by Rob on November 19th 2015

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