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Indoor Signs & Vinyl Wrapping of Doors for Chime Social Enterprise


Chime Social Enterprise is an NHS audiology service that took advantage of the Government Right to Request scheme to create a non-profit social enterprise.

As a Community Interest Company, Chime directs any additional funding they might receive into their numerous social aims—specifically, investing in services to the hearing impaired. Their aim is to provide free adult and children’s audiology treatment, on behalf of NHS Devon, in Exeter Mid & East Devon.

Their most recent initiative, Any Qualified Provider, offers adult community hearing aid services to a wide range of providers, including the NHS. There are plans afoot to open up their services to other locations in the UK, as Chime believes their model is one that can be beneficial for thousands of hearing-impaired patients across the country.


The client contacted Creative Solutions looking for indoor signage products for two separate locations. For the Harlequin Centre, a hearing aid store in Exeter, they wanted a series of high-quality print posters to showcase their various products and services—including state-of-the-art hearing aids and ear wax removal treatment. With a wealth of experience in providing premium-grade indoor signage for a range of NHS facilities and medical centres in the Devon area, we were only too happy to be involved in another project of this nature. 

Meanwhile, for the Chime Audiology Department at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, the brief was to provide a full-colour digitally printed vinyl wrap for the department’s main double doors. The graphics would feature the Chime logo and a list of the enterprise’s vision and core values.

Vinyl wraps are an incredibly versatile graphic design option. We can use our knowledge and expertise with the product to provide solutions for a wide range of client needs. Shipping containers, vehicles, bobsleighs, elevator doors, air conditioning units, industrial saws: there aren’t many surfaces that we can’t wrap in high-quality vinyl with the design of your choice.


For the Harlequin Centre in Exeter, we supplied eight A0 high-definition printed posters on beautifully weighted 180 grams-per-square-meter silk.

The photographic quality of the print cannot be matched; the images are sharp and, essentially, all the relevant product and service information is clear and easily readable for visitors to the store. 

For the Chime Audiology Department at RD&E, our studio designed and supplied the double door graphics. This came in the shape of MD5 Hi-Tac Blockout full-colour digitally printed vinyl wraps with a matched matte laminate finish for that extra veneer of quality. 

The wraps came in two 760 x 1950mm sections, perfectly cut for each door. As with any job of this kind, our fitting team was happy to remove the existing vinyl artwork from both doors, before applying the new graphics.

Job done!

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Posted on March 22nd 2021

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