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Iconography Opts For Two Stand Out Signs


The team at Iconography describe themselves as digital artisans. On the ground, that means 13 people (and one dog!) with a 20-year track record of building successful e-commerce businesses for their clients. This award-winning group of talented designers and developers chose Creative Solutions to provide the two items of new signage they needed for their Somerset offices.


The first piece of signage was for the interior of their building. Iconography’s clean, round logo needed to be sited to promote the very best of their own design within their waiting space.

Once the job was completed, Iconography liked the interior sign so much that they came back to Creative Solutions for an exterior one. This time they wanted their organisation's name printed in white font onto their signature deep blue background and sited to contrast against a soft stone wall. 


It came as no surprise that the Iconography team were able to provide their own print-ready artwork to our Devon signage studios. That enabled the Creative Solutions team to progress quickly to produce each of the sign trays, one of fabricated aluminium and one composite. Both were matt laminated, printed and produced with folded returns. We used welded corner seams for the exterior sign and bonded corner seams for the large square logo destined for the inside of the building. Both signs were finished with a vinyl wrapped edge.

The detailed production process ensured each sign was perfect for its placement whether that was sitting safely within the building, or outside facing the wind and rain.

Iconography is delighted with the overall finish of the signage. The clean lines of the printed sign trays reflect their organisation’s sophisticated brand identity, beautifully reinforcing the design element of the transformative e-commerce projects they deliver to others.

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Posted on November 8th 2019

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