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Ice Cream Freezer Branding for Baboo Gelato


Ice Cream Freezer Branding for Baboo Gelato


Baboo Gelato

Viennese gelatiere, Annie Hanbury, founded her Baboo Gelato company in 2015.  Inspired by her love for concocting tasty and unforgettable ice cream flavours using the abundance of ripe fruit growing near her Dorset home, Annie has established herself as a master frozen dessert creator in the South West.

You will know Baboo well if you frequent West Bay, Lyme Regis, Weymouth, Morcombelake and Swanage and is personally always a stop point when going to the beach.

The Baboo Team recently needed a new ice cream chest freezer wrapped in their iconic branding to fit it at a Baboo site.


Vinyl Wrapping An Ice Cream Freezer

A commercial ice cream freezer is not only a machine for storage, it’s more of a helpful advertising tool to promote your brand and boost your business! Baboo purchased a new white flat top display freezer to house their infamous ice creams knowing that it would be in public view. This meant the most important thing before turning it on, was to make sure it was fully branded with the bold and colourful Baboo print.

Much like vehicles need a specific class of vinyl to deal with changing conditions, temperatures and offer added protection, we use an incredibly high-performance vinyl to compliment an ice cream freezers needs to operate in minus temperatures, be waterproof to tackle condensation and also be robust to deal with being moved and cleaned everyday. You can see a vinyl wrap on a previous Baboo Gelato freezer here still going strong today!


High-Performance Branding Graphics for your fridge / freezer unit

Brand your fridge or freezer with custom vinyl wraps and professional installation services.


How long does a fridge / freezer wrap last?

Our product vinyl wraps are made to stand the test of time and even the busiest of working environments. We use a high-performance signage vinyl guaranteed to last outdoors for a minimum of 5 years and up to 7 years. These vinyls last even longer indoors and will most likely outlive your fridge / freezer unit!

We coat every print in a scratch-resistant protective laminate that stops colours from fading, and shields it from water, condensation damage, sunshine, oil and other grime. This makes our prints incredibly durable and very easy to clean.

How much does a fridge / freezer wrap cost?

Our wraps are highly unique and customised to your fridge / freezer unit. The cost will be made up of 3 elements:

1 - The size of your fridge / freezer unit
2 - The type of artwork you would like, if you have it ready or need to use our in-house Graphic Design Team
3 - Are you having our professional Installation Team complete the job, or DIY service

As an example this medium-sized Baboo flat top freezer unit required full coverage on the front and both sides, artwork was readily supplied by our client and installed here at Creative Solutions once the unit had been dropped off. In total this cost £250-300. However this is just a ballpark - since each unit and client is unique in their needs, we do not offer standardised pricing.

What parts of the freezer do you not wrap?

We will not wrap fridge / freezer handles, grills or air vents. You want your unit to look amazing from all angles for a long time. Vinyl doesn't deal with very curved surfaces or areas subject to heavy wear and tear. These areas also are safety elements, we will not wrap areas of the unit that make it safe for usage like its air vents and grills.

What information do I need to give for a quote?

Our wraps are customised specifically to your unit, the more information you can give the better the finished product! As a guide though, please let us know the following:


  • Can you get your fridge / freezer unit delivered to our Axminster, Devon site? Or do you need installation services to come to you?
  • Brand & Model Number
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth) of the total unit in millimeters.
  • Dimensions of each face you would like wrapped (height x width) in millimeters. Include as well an fixtures that may effect the finished effect - grills, air vents, lips, handles etc. We can then factor these in when preparing your digital artwork proof.
  • If you are able to send pictures of your unit that can allow us to help with your quote as well as find missing information, we can then also create a 3D CAD of your unit so you can see exactly what the finished installation may look like!


  • Describe your artwork in detail. Attach high-resolution artwork or reference images in your email or in a WeTransfer folder. We're no stranger also to a good old-fashioned pencil drawing. This helps you get a quick and accurate quote pending how much artwork time you may need.
  • The creative possibilities of vinyl are endless. There’s no limit to what we can print on or cut into vinyl.
  • If possible, your artwork should be in vector format for custom vinyl decals or lettering. If you don't have a vector file we can help with this!
  • Vector files (ai/svg/eps) in CMYK colour format are the best files to send. CMYK format ensures you get perfect colour matching between your custom print and the artwork in your document.

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Posted by Samantha on June 29th 2023

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