How to set up a roller banner stand

The installation procedure for banner stands will always differ slightly depending on the model you choose for your exhibition display. Roller banner stands, in particular, are designed to be simple to set up. This means that you should be able to do it by yourself in just a few minutes.

Before you start setting up your roller banner stands, make sure you take a look at our handy walkthrough guide:

1. Remove your roller banner stand from the carry bag where it is stored, and lay out any parts in front of you. Bear in mind that the pole and other components may be stored in the base itself as an extra space-saver.

2. Set up the telescopic pole by drawing it out to the desired height, remembering to twist it to lock. Fit it into the base.

3. Take hold of the top rail and pull the graphic up out of the base. Carefully lean the stand backwards so you can pull it right to the top of the pole.

4. Secure the graphic at the top of the pole using whichever method your type of banner stand requires.

Et voila! Your roller banner stand is set up and ready to use. If you have any other questions about banner stands and how to use them, please contact our team on 01297 444 665.




Posted on April 19th 2011

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