How to set up a pop up display stand

Pop up display stands are specially designed to be easy and quick to set up. They are a great time-saver at exhibitions and marketing events, and their appearance is so professional that no one would ever know that you didn't spend hours carefully constructing your pop up display.

To set up your pop up display stands, simply follow these straightforward instructions:

1. Unpack all equipment from its compact carry case

2. Take the pop up display frame and stand it on the floor

3. Open the frame up until the locking arms lock securely in place

4. Add the magnetic bars onto the frame, making sure they lock into place

5. Unwrap your graphics and carefully attach them to the frame, smoothing them down flat and making sure they are aligned with the centre line of each magnetic bar

6. Attach the ‘D' end panels

7. Curve the graphics round the end panels and attach for a neat finish

A similar process applies to taking your pop-up displays kits down at the end of the exhibition or event, but you should always remember to remove all graphics and magnetic bars before collapsing the frame.


Posted on May 10th 2011

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