How to Prepare for an Exhibition: 5 steps to Make Your Mark


Trade season is creeping up on us again. Before you know it, you’ll be dusting off those banner stands at an exhibition looking to make those all important business connections and generate new leads. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our top tips for leaving a lasting impression:

1. Have a clear mission

Why are you attending this exhibition? Is there a specific clientele there to target, or is it simply to promote brand awareness? Underpinning everything you do at this exhibition is what you are trying to achieve. This will reflect how you appear, what tools you use to engage people, and what you talk about with potential customers. 

2. Research the Venue

Maximising the space you are allocated is key. Don’t turn up and flog it, look to see exactly where you are in the building. Are you in a corner? Do you need to a bold printed backdrop to stand out and attract customers? How many staff members can fit in the stand without clogging it up? Research the venue and where you are, and design and position yourself accordingly. 

3.    Share the load

The message here is simple: don’t go it alone. When you’re throwing about ideas of what you want the stand to look like, how many flyers to take and whether or not to have an open collar blazer combo or not, your opinion will be different from the rest of the team. But that’s fine. Ask your co-workers how they think the company should come across and what key values you should represent. 

4. Think Outside the Box

Quite literally- the vast majority of exhibition pitches tend to be a square box. Commit time to thinking about the layout of your stand. The key thing to remember at an exhibition is customers have so many visual stimulus to take in, differentiating yourself can be tough work. When they drive home and reflect on the day, what will make them remember you? Sometimes it can be as simple as a backlit sign, or maybe it’s the opening line when talking to a customer. It’s an exhibition, a showcase of the best of your business. Be memorable.

5. Let People Know

Often put to the bottom of the to-do list; telling people you’re going to be there. Utilise social media, send an email out to your customers, let people know that you’re going to be there and invite them to come along. Keep customers involved in the process to, post pictures of the stand being built or the wallpaper you’re going to use. You might give them ideas for themselves, but more importantly it gives your company a bit of personality.

Creative Solutions have been producing exhibition products for over 15 years. If you need any advice or guidance on preparing for an exhibition, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01297 630130 or drop us an email. 

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Posted by Rob on December 15th 2015

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