How to deliver a knockout sales presentation

One some occasions, just one important sales presentation can make or break a business, as well as your professional career. This is a lot of pressure, but you wouldn't be in a sales role if you couldn't handle it.

If you're preparing to pitch in front of a large audience, whether it's important clients or new prospects, the following tips will help you to deliver a sensational sales presentation:

Be fully prepared with all the equipment and technology you need
Get to the meeting early, set up the room exactly how you need it to be and ensure you have everything you need. Clear off the whiteboards, reposition the podium you intend to stand behind and fire up the projector - in short, do everything you can to keep the presentation running smoothly and without any technical hitches.

Keep it brief and focus on ‘must-have' information
The more concise and snappy your presentation, the more powerful and memorable it is likely to be. Don't miss out any important information; just don't let the most relevant and persuasive facts get lost in a sea of waffle and unnecessary detail.

Encourage a two-way conversation
You don't have to do all the talking; engage your audience with a few relevant questions to get them thinking and importantly, to keep them alert.

You shouldn't memorise your presentation word-for-word, but make sure the key points are clear in your mind and that you are ready for any questions, objections or responses.


Posted on May 24th 2011

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