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How to Change the Graphics on a Roller Banner Stand

Roller banner stands are a superb portable display solution for a number of commercial environments—particularly for use at trade shows and exhibitions where the ability to set up, assemble and transport your promotional material quickly is of paramount importance. 

Roller banner stands are cost-effective, simple to use, and are a sure-fire method of creating a high-quality, professional-looking display.

But what happens when you need to replace the old graphics with new ones? What should you do when your content is out-of-date and you need a fresh new banner for your latest project? 

Let us guide you through the process of replacing your roller banner stand graphics.

What You'll Need

  •   1 or 2 People

  • Allen Key/screwdriver

  • Banner Stand Pin

  • Masking tape

  • Double-sided adhesive tape

  • Large, flat, clean surface to work on

  • Your banner stand hardware

  • Your new banner stand graphic

Step 1: Removing the Old Graphic 

Replacing the graphics on a roller banner stand is very similar to the process involved with a cassette banner, except there is no separate cassette—the mechanism is the base of the banner stand itself.

  • The first step is to remove the screws from one side of the end cap on the base using an Allen key, the pin, or a screwdriver that your banner stand model will accept. Next, slide the cassette out of the base and be sure to tuck in the top rail.

  • Now, while keeping a steady hand on the cassette case, carefully slide the graphic out, uncoiling it from the internal cassette mechanism. At this stage, it’s important not to roll the graphic up; simply let it lay flat as you will need access to the top rail further along the process.

  • Continue until the lead strip is visible and you reach the end of the graphic. While gripping the banner with one hand, grip the banner stand pin and insert it into the small hole at the end of the banner stand cassette.

  • You might find that the pin will not insert immediately. If that’s the case, gently release your grip on the banner stand graphic, allowing it to slide back into the cassette until the pin inserts into the correct hole.

  • With the tool safely inserted, the graphic will no longer retract back into the base, and you can now remove your grip from the graphic. Keep the pin inserted; you may wish to secure it with masking tape if required.

  • Next, flip the cassette so the backside of the graphic is facing up towards you, and you have full access to the top rail. Your top rail will either be an easy snap-rail tension bar or an outer casing that slides over a bar that the graphic is either attached to with an adhesive strip—or tucked over the bar that slides into the outer case.

  • Now, remove the fixings holding the graphic to the top rail–this will be aluminium or plastic bar attached to the top of your graphic. Carefully peel the banner graphic off the top rail and set aside the top rail parts for later.

  • With the top rail removed, you can now roll the old graphic banner up towards the still attached cassette. Make doubly sure that your banner stand pin is in the correct position, and ensure the recoil mechanism is currently stopped.

  • Be careful not to rip or crease the graphic; peel off the lead strip at the bottom of the graphic and remove it from the cassette.

  • You can now store your old graphic for future use or recycle it responsibly!

Step 2: Inserting the new graphic

  • Using soft masking tape, the first step is to attach the lead strip on either side to your work surface. Next, place the new graphic down on the table, ensuring the bottom of the graphic is closest to the lead strip.

  • Carefully align the bottom edge with the lead strip on the cassette—as straight as possible. Now place a new strip of double-sided adhesive tape on the lead strip the full width of the new banner stand graphic.

  • After precisely aligning the banner graphic, peel back a few inches of the new adhesive tape, and hold the banner down firmly, adhering it to the lead strip.

  • Once the full width of the new graphic is attached to the lead strip, remove the masking tape, keeping the lead strip taught and stuck to the workspace.

  • Your new graphic is now attached to the cassette!

  • Turn the banner over with the cassette—so the graphic is now facing upward. Next, unfurl the new banner until you reach the top. Using the aluminium or plastic bar that you removed earlier, reattach your top rail fitting your model of banner stand.

  • With the banner safely back in the top rail, check everything is aligned correctly and you’re 100% happy with its position. Now it’s time to return to the cassette and the banner stand pin that was stopping the banner retracting into the cassette.

  • Firmly press on the banner stand graphic, and start slowly sliding out the pin, letting the banner graphic slowly retract into the cassette.

  • This is the perfect time to gauge whether the graphic has been applied to the lead strip straight. If there are any concerns, or the banner is starting to recoil on a slant, you will need to pull the graphic out, re-insert the pin, and reapply the graphic at a better angle.

  • It’s vital that you do not release the banner during this stage of the process; it will slam abruptly back into the cassette! With the new graphic securely in the cassette, you can replace it back into the banner stand base.

  • Reattach any exterior screws or end caps, and ensure the top rail has come back out of the banner stand base opening.

  • Your new graphic is now ready for display!

How can we help?

Although it’s perfectly possible to change your own graphics for your roller banner, it can be a fiddly procedure. We would generally advise that you return your hardware to us and our expert team will provide you with new high-quality graphics. We can also supply customers with a full design service; all primed and ready for when your banner stand arrives! 

If you do wish to change the graphic yourself, we can also post your new print directly to you. If you’d like any more help on banner stand graphic replacement, or advice on any of the products in banner stand range, please get in touch.

Posted by Samantha on March 14th 2022

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