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Vehicle GraphicsA Guide to Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Signwriting

Our Guide to Vehicle Graphics

As one of the South West's leading vehicle graphics specialists, we've encountered a huge of vehicles and different ways of signwriting them. This guide focusses on answering the most common questions we get to give you a headstart in your search for vehicle graphics. 

How much do vehicle graphics cost?

Can you sign write my van?

What do I need to supply for vehicle graphics?

What signwriting options are available?

How long do the graphics last?

How long does the process take?

  How much do vehicle graphics cost?

Depending on the service you require, vehicle graphics costs will include the following:

  • Design time
  • Materials
  • Printing time
  • Prep and installation

You should budget £200 to £500 for standard sign writing and £600 to £2,500 for custom vehicle graphics. Costs vary from project to project and are largely determined by design complexity, the size of the vehicle and installation time.

Feel free to get in contact us and we'll gladly provide you with some examples of the different ranges and costs. Email us at for an approximate quote. All quotes are free and come with no obligation whatsoever.

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A grey van signwritten with business graphics and text

  Can you sign write my van?

Yes. We’ve sign written hundreds of vans across all trades. We’ll work with you to design sign writing that matches your brand’s typeface and colours.

We use 2D drawings - detailed van templates - to show you how your van will look. This ensures you know exactly what you’re getting. All projects are unique, although we always use a mixture of printed and coloured off-the-shelf branded vinyl to get the job done. These offer tried-and-tested performance and longevity.

Check out our recent case studies to see photographs and examples of our work.

Half Wrapped Blue VW Campervan for Octopus Recruitment
Custom Printed Storm and Lighthouse Full Vehicle Wrap
Bonnet Vehicle Wrap Sunset Compass Print
Full Metallic Orange Vehicle Wrap on Tesla
Blue Car Vinyl Wrap

  What do I need to supply for vehicle graphics?

We can take your ideas from the initial brief of perhaps just a sketch to a workable design.

We’ll tell you exactly what we need to start your project when you contact us. We only require a few things from you to get started in most cases, although what we need from you depends on the type of vehicle graphics you require.

With logos, we require these in CMYK PDF vector format with details of any Pantone references. If you are having images printed, you’ll need to supply these in a high-resolution format, so we can print them in photographic quality.

For standard vehicle wrapping, we need to know the specification of your vehicle. Here’s an example: Ford Transit Custom 2018 plate (L2). This will allow us to assign the correct amount of vinyl wrap to your vehicle and plot any graphics.

For custom vehicle wrapping and sign writing, a design service is provided in-house by ourselves. We prefer to meet up in person on projects like this to discuss your requirements. This is a consultation with no obligation. We’ll discuss your brand, business and what you want to achieve with your vehicle graphics.

van-black-side-view.png (van-black-side-view-2.png)   What signwriting options are available? 

Whether you want a fresh colour change for your vehicle or bespoke graphics to advertise your business, the range of options available to you is near unlimited. 

We have access to vinyl from the world’s leading manufacturers. These are available in literally thousands of colours, as well as opaque, translucent, reflective and metallic finishes. 

Because we’re a printer, we can also print blank vinyl in any bespoke colour. We use a state-of-the-art digital printer and plotter for this. This allows us to design and print custom vehicle graphics to ANY specification, regardless of complexity. We can design graphics from scratch or replicate graphics you’ve seen elsewhere. 

Please note: We can install vinyl graphics on any vehicle with clean bodywork. Stone chips can be filled in; however, they must be filled in flat. Rusty panels can’t be wrapped because they don’t have a flat, smooth surface. 

Typical Examples

Below are the most frequent types of vehicle graphics services we offer. There's a whole range of options available, so don't hesitate to ask us if you have any new ideas!

Business Branding Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering Vehicle Graphics

A car, vinyl-wrapped in a grey colour

Colour Change Wrapping

A van for the University of Bath, fully vinyl wrapped with images and text

Full Wrap

A truck, half vinyl-wrapped with business logo

Half Wrap

HGV vehicle graphics

HGV Graphics

Reflective graphics on rear opening van doors

Specialist Vinyl

Someone peeling away contact paper revealing vinyl logo on vehicle

  How long do the graphics last?

We have complete confidence in the materials we use. To show this, 99 per cent of the materials we use come with a 7-year manufacturer’s guarantee. We don’t skimp on cheap materials nor do we cut corners during the installation process. This ensures we can provide a comprehensive guarantee on our work.

The other 1 per cent? These come with a minimum 3 or 5-year guarantee.

On the issue of longevity, vinyl is an exceptionally durable material. Because it sticks to bodywork via a strong self-adhesive, it doesn’t peel or flake away under normal conditions. The only reason it would is if it were provoked (scraped, cut or lifted at the corners mechanically). You can have complete confidence in your graphics to get through the worst conditions, so long as they’re installed by us.

  How long does the process take?

We can fast-track orders if you need vehicle graphics pronto. Typically, we can turnaround orders for standard vehicle graphics (wraps, basic sign writing) within 48-hours providing you deliver the vehicle to us clean and ready to go.

For complicated projects, we need to take longer. Typically, 4-5 days. For example, we recently wrapped a brand-new Range Rover and to do a professional job, the bumpers, wing mirrors, exterior trim and grilles had to come off. This is a delicate process, as you can imagine, and it adds to the lead time. That particular project took us 5 days. Custom designs of this nature can take up to a week, so please bear this in mind.

We hope you have all the information you need, if you would like a quotation please either fill out the form below, call us on 01297 630130 or email us at;

Posted by Jedd on October 12th 2020

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