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Horse Box Signwriting for The Little Old Burger Box


The good people from the independent food vendors, Little Old Burger Box, came to Creative Solutions with an old fashioned horse trailer that was in the process of being converted into a fully-functioning catering outlet. Our role in the transformation would be to provide vehicle graphics for the trailer.

A key element of the brief was that the horse trailer needed to look authentic— wherever possible, the client wanted the rustic features to be preserved.

The artwork our design team produced reflected this desired overall aesthetic; the distressed and eroded typefaces and icons would give an aged, unpolished quality to the vehicle. Meanwhile, care would be taken to avoid the sections of the trailer where applying vinyl would be problematic—whether that was from a contour perspective or the practical challenges of printing onto rust.

One component the client insisted upon, was the inclusion of local or UK branding. For this, we used the Union Jack as part of the "X" in the word Box. In addition to the company logo, each strap line and call to action would be created by the studio.


For this particular job, after designing the logo and branding, we were able to digitally apply the graphics to photographs that were supplied by the client— in order to replicate how the new logo would look on the trailer. We then ensured that the client was happy with all these elements before proceeding to production. 

Finally, after taking a series of extensive measurements, to make sure the artwork would be installed in exactly the right location, we supplied the client with black and white matte Metamark cut vinyl graphics, which were installed by Creative Solutions team.

As you can see from the images, the brief was more than met with the vehicle signage we provided; the horse box has retained its rustic aesthetic and the graphic choices are perfectly in keeping with this theme. The client agreed and Creative Solutions have another happy customer!

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Posted on April 30th 2020

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