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Helicopter Graphics for Henry Woolway


It’s fair to say this wasn’t a typical brief. But here at Creative Solutions, we have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to graphic design requests!

The client, Henry Woolway, got in contact with the team enquiring whether we could customise the original graphics on a Royal Navy helicopter to resemble that of a United States Army chopper. The helicopter in question was being used to shoot a scene in a film, so needed to be as authentic as possible. Audiences needed to believe they were seeing the real thing when images of the iconic rotorcraft were committed to celluloid. The devil would all be in the detail.

Creative Solutions have a wealth of experience in this field. We’ve supplied vinyl wraps for a wide range of clients over the years—for a varied selection of vehicles, equipment and products. From freezers for artisan ice cream companies, to industrial shipping containers, there aren’t too many things we’ve not provided high-quality wraps for. We’ve even put our skills to use wrapping custom-made bobsleighs. 

A helicopter presented us with a new and exciting challenge, and we were keen to get started.


We provided the client with full-colour printed wraps for the Royal Air Force helicopter. The wrap was cut to a custom kiss shape and finished with a stunning gloss laminate.

The artwork consisted of various text blocks, all of which were printed onto the dark green substrate in a traditional military font—the kind of graphics and identification numbers you’d find on a standard US Army helicopter. The colour scheme and authentic artwork combines to create a highly effective aesthetic. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was the genuine article. To add to the overall visual impact, we provided the CAUTION: SECURE PRIOR TO FLIGHT sign which was printed near the hatch.

All the artwork was prepared and made print-ready in the studio and the entire graphics installation process was carried out by the Creative Solutions team.

Although not an ordinary day in the office, we were extremely pleased with how the helicopter graphics came out. Coming to a screen near you!

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Posted on February 10th 2021

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