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Hanging Projecting Signs & Gate Signs for Furleigh Estate


Hanging Projecting Signs & Gate Signs for Furleigh Estate


Furleigh Estate

Furleigh Estate is set in the stunning Dorset countryside, just 5 miles from the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.  Those dinosaurs who wandered this land millions of years ago have laid down their bones to make the perfect soil to grow world-class still and sparkling wines. 

Furleigh Estate is 85 acres of vineyard, lakes and grazing land surrounded by woodland. Their large 5,000 square foot winery was built in 2007, accommodating a specialist pneumatic press, designed to carry out the very gentle whole bunch pressing required for quality sparkling wines.

As an incredibly well known and celebrated winery, it was a pleasure to be contacted by the team again to assist with their most recent signage update.

Roadside Hanging Printed ACM Panel Signage with directional arrow for Furleigh Estate
Roadside Hanging Printed ACM for Furleigh Estate


Highly Visible Roadside Business Signage

Projecting Signs come in a huge array of materials, styles, and sizes, but all serve one primary purpose- to stand out from the crowd and attract customers to your business. Often used as a secondary identity to stores in high-traffic areas, projecting signs are designed to increase exposure and visibility, in particular to pedestrians walking below the sign. They are also incredibly popular and a traditional signage choice for those needing to be spotted from a distance like roadside pubs, inns and garages.

For Furleigh Estate in their tucked away location near Bridport, hanging signs that can be seen by road users from a distance will dramatically improve their customers experience in feeling oriented and safely welcomed to the site with plenty of directional signage.

Their new projecting signs needed to continue the sleek and timeless branding, and also needed to be replicated into several locations for brand familiarity. Designs were created and replicated across several hanging signs, as well as gate mounted panel signage with directional arrows.

ACM Gate Sign for Furleigh Estate
Hanging Projecting Roadsign visible over the hedge for Furleigh Estate
Hanging Projecting ACM Panel Signage for Furleigh Estate


ACM Panel Signage For Projecting & Mounted Displays

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) an incredibly versatile signage material, and is used more often now than sheet aluminium due to its budget friendly pricing, adaptability when it comes to shaping and vinyl facing, the fact its lightweight for mounting, as well as its hard wearing and long-lasting properties.

ACM is 2 smooth aluminium sheets, sandwiched either side of a strong plastic core. ACM can be direct printed for short-term signage displays, or in most cases, is vinyl wrapped for long-lasting external signage. Your signage design is printed onto a high-tack vinyl which can be laminated to give it a 7-year guarantee, UV-resistance and make it weatherproof. This is then expertly applied to the ACM, ready for its final installation. When vinyl wrapped we offer a great 7-year guarantee on the print as we know that the media we use is of the best quality, and is much more likely to be replaced or re-branded before the ACM wears out.

With the range of fixings and displays ACM can be used for, this is what makes Furleigh Estates new signage truly stand out, whilst utilising the same signage media for all the different locations. You can see from the images above how flawlessly it can be mounted to hanging panels as well as seamlessly mounted to fences and gates with no visible fixings.

Looking for ACM Panel Signage?

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)

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Posted by Samantha on August 30th 2023

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